Measuring Social Media Engagement

Everyone loves to see specific numbers such as the number of followers that a person has. You may look at someone on Instagram and they have 60,000 followers – but what does that mean.

Perhaps that person purchased followers just to look bigger than they are. Did they spend a lot of time following and unfollowing to gain potential followers? If either of these things is true, then their followers may not truly be engaged with their account.

Instagram Engagement = Likes + Comments / Followers (this creates a percentage to determine your influence)

Are you an influencer?

Ideally using something like www.buffer.com as a business makes the maintenance and review of these metrics quite easy. If you are not using scheduling tools you can still monitor your social accounts.


How often do you gain followers? Is it one a day 10 a week or one per month?

What is your follow to follower ratio? Are you following a whole lot more people than who follow you?

What is your average number of likes, favourites etc. depending on the social account.

NOTE: Facebook has fantastic insights into your posts

How do you get more Likes, comments, shares, favourites etc.?

Which of your posts got lots of likes – if it was a video, produce more similar posts.

Which type of post got a lot of comments – If it was an image you need to replicate similar posts.

Which type of post got a lot of shares – You guessed it, time to replicate to see if you can get the results again.

Now what

You need to see that social media is producing results. Anyone who says they get no business from social media is either doing it wrong or not tracking customers correctly.

Plus it is also vital to remember that your online social media presence will be helping your SEO. It will be broadening your online visibility and done correctly it will be growing your business.

How can you improve your social media presence to grow your business and community of raving fans?

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