A traditional marketing funnel visualises the path a potential customer takes when they can potentially do business with you. It runs from awareness through to action, and the customer hopefully becomes a future raving fan. 

Awareness – Engagement – Discovery – Action

It is a cone-shaped funnel larger at the top, narrowing to the base where the action occurs. 

Our digital world has changed this, and how people look for information has also changed. When searching for a business people are looking for a personalised solution that makes sense to them. 

The new digital marketing funnel

No two buying journeys are the same, even if they are both in your ideal client persona. And they are not necessarily tracking through a funnel as above. 

Some may be a pyramid, some a diamond and some an hourglass. It is not a linear experience, and the potential buyer may enter and leave the funnel at any stage. 

Digital technology, particularly mobile devices, has put people in control of their journey to purchase. We are all looking for immediate answers to know, go, do and buy. 

These new shapes mean that your ideal clients want to become engaged at any stage of the funnel. This will be through social media, organic search, paid ads and more. 

Consumers want to engage with businesses that are relevant, helpful and personal. So when consumers can count on businesses, brands can count on growth. 

Empowered by mobile

Today’s consumers can gain knowledge (right or wrong) immediately and with little effort. This has caused people to be more demanding and impatient than ever before. 

A curious consumer – using the term ‘best’ before each search has grown substantially. 

A demanding consumer – there is a demand for the answers to questions to be immediately there. 

An impatient consumer – using the term ‘_______ near me now’ has grown substantially. 

Additional stages of the funnel

After-sales service has become even more relevant. Many businesses should invest in loyalty and advocacy so that the longer the relationship, the higher the profits from your customer. 

Happy customers generate more happy customers. We are at a time when people value the opinions of influencers, friends and family over cold marketing communication. 

For example, my hairdresser, every time I visit that evening I receive a text which links to a form for me to fill out a quick form for my satisfaction from the visit. This means that the owner receives feedback every day, but also, as a customer, I know that they care what I think following my visit.

So have you moved beyond the traditional marketing funnel?  Or if you need help to ensure that you are marketing your business correctly in the current climate? Contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business.

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