Get back your small business mojo

As we know small business is hard work and regardless of the size of your small business keeping your mojo can be difficult.

Mojo = Magic, charm, influence

Perhaps when you first started your small business you were excited and dreamy about the future. You longed to be busy, successful, well known or any number of other things.

Time, however, has changed this level of magic, charm, influence and optimism. Each day is a struggle and these struggles are real. When your business mojo is off it will be reflected in every aspect of your life and you may find that your home life is also suffering.

Potential Problems and Solutions

  • You are struggling to find clients
  • You are struggling to find the right clients

Clients – Love them or hate them, every business needs them. Where do you find them and where do you find the ones that you want and need.

You need a strategy that aligns with your small business goals and one that gets you in front of your ideal clients.

  • You are struggling to just get all the work done, as you are too busy
  • Both you and your clients are frustrated

Too much work can take its toll on any business and particularly on the people in the business. All of a sudden you are just chasing your tail every day, perhaps making silly errors. Perhaps your cash flow is pushed out of alignment as your clients don’t pay on time and you still don’t have time to chase them. You may be working 6 or 7 days and not finding time to rejuvenate your batteries.

Push the stop button and look at your business overall. Figure out one thing at a time that will make your business work better. Look at outsourcing, more staff, administration, clients and more to see where you can make improvements to your processes.

  • You are struggling to get out of bed each day

This is the ultimate loss of mojo as you are the business owner. If you are a solo operator you are the only one who is doing everything, your businesses survival is 100% reliant on you. If you have staff, they are also reliant on you and need to know that you are 100% in the game or they may start to look elsewhere.

Motivation – why did you start your business in the first place? Find the answer to this and remember the why so that you can again focus on where you should be. Getting back your love for your business usually starts with finding the passion you had on day one for your small business.

  • You are worried about cash flow

Cash flow is one of those things that affect all business, large or small. It is rare that there is too much cash, and you are stressed about what to do with all your money. It is usually that there is not enough available at the right times. You can learn how to better manage this in your small business so that it is not a problem.

  • You are worried about getting enough staff

Good staff are hard to find so you need to have a strategy or you need to change your business model. Perhaps having staff and making your business bigger and bigger is not for you. Not everyone is cut out for owning a business with lots of staff. I have spoken to many a business owner that once employed 15 people. They reach a point where they just don’t want the hassle of constantly finding work and to manage all those people. So they inevitably cut their business back to just themselves or just a few staff.

Revisit your growth strategy and look at how you find staff, improve these areas and have a plan in place for how you are going to get find and retain staff

  • You are sick of doing what you are doing

Moving forward – You must decide if your business is what you really want. If you are running a small business and you hate every minute of whatever you are doing you must make a change. Build an exit strategy and plan to make the change; you don’t need to remain unhappy in your business.

Finally – If you have figured out what is dragging down your mojo, you can then work towards a solution. Don’t let yourself be dragged down for too long or you will experience more than just your lack of mojo. Your health can be affected both physically and mentally if you are stressed and unhappy for too long. It can damage relationships and home and much more.

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