Digital marketing trends and predictions for 2022

As we start a new year it is always a time to look at what new opportunities we may have moving forward. 

For many small business owners, there has been no rest over the Christmas and New Year period. For others, it is a time to rest relax and recuperate as it is your only holiday thought the year. 

A new year is always the time I like to look at what trends and predictions we can make for small businesses and digital marketing. 

  • Identity
  • Privacy
  • Relevance 
  • Shopping
  • Sustainability

Brands are looking at identity

As a small business owner, it is important for you to look at the identities of your ideal clients. While you may have taken a generalised approach it is now time to look at diversity, equity and inclusion. 

What this means is that you need to remember that each person has their own experiences of this world. 

As an example: You may have seen some of your favourite fashion brands showing you the one dress as tried on by several different people. Rather than you only being able to see it on a size 8 model. 

The brands that do this are working hard to show that not only do they offer various sizes they also show what it looks like in those sizes. Remember that this is more costly for the brands in both time and money. However diversity, equity and inclusion are exceptional and if done well they will lead to more sales. 

Think of how you can show diversity, equity and inclusion and make it part of your digital marketing plans. 

Consumers are looking at privacy

Protecting your privacy online is a bit of a minefield. For some, we love seeing relevant ads and data based on what we are looking for. Other consumers do not want anyone to know anything about them. 

As a small business how you protect your customers is important. How do you ensure that you put your customers first and let them know they are being put first. 

Your business must be relevant

In 2022 you need to take the time to stand out. Communicating your value is more important than ever and it must be authentic. 

Take the time to share the benefit of doing business with you. Reflect that you are the answer to their needs. If you take the time to connect in a meaningful way with your audience you will drive results. 

The online world is crowded and you need to ensure that your focus as a business is where it should be. Digital marketing of your business is how you express your value and answer the needs of your customers. 

Shopping online is for everyone

The last couple of years has shown us that the future of shopping is well and truly online. So when you are creating your videos to sell your products you need to:

  • Hook people with a story
  • Brand yourself early and often
  • Help people to feel something
  • Ask for them to take action

Creating a story in your video can make it more likely to convert. Stay honest and true to your brand and the claims you make while you show your identity.

For example, This is why some brands have tremendous success via influencers. The influencer creates a story for your product. 

Show your sustainability

It should be obvious if you are utilising sustainable practices. People expect it in 2022 and do not want to have to search to find the answer that you business is doing something for the environment. 

How does your business:

  • Reduce waste
  • Recycle
  • Make sustainable choices

For example, Google will be offing eco-friendly options to Google Maps. Sustainable travel routes will be the default and showing business with recycled materials will be common. 

When marketing your business it is wise to share what you do every day as part of the normal practice in your business. Update your messaging (do you offer refills) and be more transparent to deliver sustainability.

It is essential that you are always authentic. 

Items to action

Review your messaging – Is it inclusive or does it need an overhaul?

Are you producing enough – Written content, images, videos and more?

Privacy policy – Have you even read your privacy policy? Is it relevant and what are you doing to protect the privacy of your customers. 

How relevant are you – Has your business evolved over the years or are you still in 2010?

How easy it is to buy – Do you make it easy for people to do business with you? 

Sustainability – Have you made sustainability a priority for your business?

Digital marketing trends and predictions for 2022 for your business

There are many aspects to a cohesive marketing plan for your business. You need to focus on ensuring that you are attracting people to your business and to doing business with you. 

If you need help with your digital marketing contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. We take the time to grow our knowledge so you don’t have to. 

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