15 Ways you are Losing Sales

Far too many businesses are getting enquiries but throwing way the close of the sale.

Far too many businesses are answering the phone with no strategy to get them the sale.

Far too many businesses spend way too much money getting an enquiry and are still losing the sale.

What can you do to fix this?

Map the journey – What is the journey that people go on to finding your business and making that initial enquiry?

Count the cost – How many people do you speak to before you get one conversion. 1 in 5 converts or 1 in 10 convert

Qualify your leads – Are your leads genuine or are they wasting your time? If they are wasting your time, how can you get rid of the time-wasters?

Who needs you – What types of people need what you have? Are you looking where these people are?

Complete package – Are you offing a complete package or just part of a package? How can you improve your packaged offering?

Dangle a carrot – Do you have an irresistible offer to get people interested so that you can then on-sell more and more?

Plan – Your sales process should have a plan, don’t just wing it, take control and lead your enquiry to buy.

Listen – Have you listened to what your enquiries pain points are and have you illustrated how you are going to fix them.

Quotes – If you are a business that has to supply written quotes are you leading the receiver of these quotes towards signing on the dotted line. You still need to answer all your potential client needs, not just throw a price and hope for the best.

Show your passion – Get across the message of your passion for what you do and how this passion is going to shine across after they spend money with you.

Educate your enquirer – Inform the buyer how their life will be improved and how their pain will be gone once they choose you.

Help first – The best salespeople are helpful and offer the complete solution from listening through to solving.

Handle objections – how well you can handle objections will show your potential client many things, you are after all trying to solve their pain points.

Over the phone – Does your personality and all of the above points come across when you are on the phone?

Follow up – Do you follow up and if so how many times? In some industries, you may need to follow up 5 times or more.

What aspect are you going to work on today?

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