How to get more inbound leads

Marketing is never an easy task; there is no one size fits all approach. A smart digital marketer creates a different approach for each and every client they have.

If you are the marketing department for your small business, you are in luck because you only have one client – You!

By having a brilliant inbound leads system you will create a funnel that you can fill with prospective clients. From here you take them on a journey towards doing business with your small business.

Step 1 – Define the lead

If you are a website designer – you want people who need websites

If you are a blogger – you want subscribers

If you sell products – you want people to buy your products

If you are a consultant – you want clients

If you are a YouTuber – you want more viewers

Step 2 – Strategies

First, look at what you are currently doing and honestly see why it is or isn’t working. If it is working keep going and if it isn’t working then you need to change things immediately.

Newsletters – Done well your newsletter can and should generate business on a regular basis.

Newsletter Tips

  • Have useful links
  • Have an interesting title of the newsletter
  • Have video content
  • Have checklists
  • Have fun facts
  • Have great images
  • Have offers that create the lead you are looking for
  • Have a cross-promotion on your website
  • Have a specific landing page for your leads to go to


This is a great way to share your knowledge and increase your inbound leads.

  • Always have a great title
  • Have a regular schedule that you stick to
  • Learn how you improve your writing
  • Include images, links, and call to action in your blogs

Social Media

This should be a place that works to generate you new business. If you are on social media already and it is not generating leads here are some tips:

  • Share your blogs on your page but also in groups
  • Interact on social media
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Participate in groups which are relevant to your potential lead generation
  • Share tips
  • Share tools
  • Share your expertise
  • Share regularly and consistently
  • Brand everything you can

New channels

Are there any other places that could be part of your strategy for inbound leads?

  • Guest posting on other blogs
  • Collaborating with other like-minded business owners
  • Having your own or going on a podcast
  • Create video
  • Have a live chat
  • Have a live video

Step 3 – Conversion

Now that you have improved all your inbound marketing and you have real live interested people, how will you convert them? Again it depends on your ideal lead:

  • Initial discount
  • Free offer
  • Preferred pricing
  • Landing page subscription filled out
  • Contact form filled in


If you can get all these things in place and working well you will not be paying for advertising, anytime soon. Your inbound marketing will have qualified leads coming directly to you and ready to do business.

Do you need help with creating and implementing any or all of the above? Speak to Kelly Robinson @ My Sassy Business today.

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