You are losing money by not using Google

My last blog about Google has titled “Small Business owners need Google” and if you are a regular follower of these blogs you will know it is a popular topic.

In this blog, I want to give you some statistics to help you understand how the world of marketing is evolving. Your business needs to be paying attention to this type of data if you ever plan to use the Internet as a way of generating business.

If however, you are NOT planning on using the Internet to generate business, then you are missing a very large boat of potential clients!

This image below illustrates very clearly that people click on the organic search results the majority of the time. The blue sections of these two pies is an overwhelming conclusion that the organic optimisation of your website data is vital.

You are losing money by not using Google

While this graph is a US graph it gives a VERY clear indication as to what people are doing when they search something in Google.

Here are some questions to think about

  • What are you doing to get found on Google
  • Are you using Adwords, if so what is your ROI (return on investment)
  • When did you last update the information on your website
  • Is your website mobile responsive
  • Do you have a great UX (user experience) on your website
  • What are you doing to appear higher in the organic search results

The last question above is incredibly important, as you can see from the graph the actual vast majority of clicks are organic.

If you are wondering about marketing, your main focus needs to be on appearing more regularly in Google’s search results.

Are you curious how many words people on average put into Google when they are searching for something?

You need to be considering what your ideal clients are putting into Google’s search when you are trying to rank better in Google. Do you know what these words are?

You are losing money by not using Google

So on average, the vast majority of words per search query are just 3. This also makes these 3 words very important and the synonyms of these also vital.

What are the answers?

  • Your website needs to give its visitors a great experience
  • The content on your website must deliver the answers that people are searching for
  • You need to have a website that is great quality and up to date
  • Google remains the number one search engine that people are using
  • By not using the internet to its full potential then you are clearly missing out

My Sassy Business provides affordable SEO to small business that wants to get found online in the organic search results. With all prices available on the website, there is no mystery when it comes to figuring out the cost. If you have any questions, speak to Kelly Robinson today.

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NOTE: All statistics shared in this blog were generated by Moz & Jumpshot over 6-months. These are two companies with highly sophisticated data collection software of how the Internet is being used.

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