Why your home page doesn’t convert

If you take the time to look through your website analytics you will see that your homepage gets the bulk of your traffic. Generally, the first page anyone sees is going to be your homepage and this is going to either make or break your website conversions. Are you curious about why your home page doesn’t convert, keep reading for the tips you need to review it today? 

Are you getting lot’s of traffic but no conversions?

Conversions vary from business to business but you should know what you want people to do when they visit your website. If they are not doing that – why!


  • Click through to buy
  • Subscribe
  • Fill out a form
  • View your products/services

Ideal Clients

When you are doing anything for your business you need to think about your ideal clients. What do they want to see and what problems are you solving for them. Does your homepage reflect what they want to see? Is it providing a call to action that is suitable for them?

Clean and clear

You need to ensure that your website has a clean and clear design which is easy to navigate. Your home page should direct people where you want them to go. If you are selling products it should show off the products you know that people love or the newest of your products.


Keep the text to a minimum and place emphasis with headlines of where you want people to go. No one has the time or inclination to read on and on when they first hit your website – easy navigation is key. It is this navigation that is your call/s to action. Save the details for your product or services pages.


Choosing the right colour scheme for your business should always be done with the assistant of a designer and a knowledge of colours. There is psychology in colour and it affects our decision to buy. It is vital for an E-commerce business to get their colour schemes correct for their ideal clients.


High-quality images are incredibly important and they should also be used sparingly. Research from Google shows that pages with a cleaner image layout converted better. Remember we are still talking about your home page here. You can have more images elsewhere.

Why your homepage does'nt convert


How fast is your website? There are many factors that affect the speed of your website and they include the hosting environment – don’t just choose the cheapest!

Call to action

  • Does your homepage have any calls to action?
  • How obvious is the call to action?
  • According to true conversions, 70% of businesses do not have a call to action on their home page. Only 47% feature a properly placed one which is easy to spot.

What is the most profitable call to action for your websites homepage?

Why your homepage does'nt convertMobile

Does your website look as fabulous on a mobile device? People are shopping online via their mobile devices. If your homepage isn’t looking great when it converts to a mobile view you could again be losing out.


Instead of trying to get more traffic, take the time to first review your home page, about page and your entire website. Schedule this as a regular task ongoing, your website is not a set and forget item in your small business toolbox.

If you need help in any of these areas please contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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