Why your blog has no traffic

Ok – today is the day, you have launched your blog. You’ve worked really hard and you have written lots and published beautiful images. Why then, are tumbleweeds the only traffic you can see passing by to read it?

If you are thinking about starting or if you are currently growing your blog, here are some honest tips to grow your following. Perhaps some reality for you and what you have planned or are planning.

The Thoughts…

Having a blog is going to be

  • A supplementary income to begin with
  • As it grows it would provide a full-time income
  • The place to share your knowledge
  • Meet new people
  • Share your experience
  • Grow an online business
  • Be a flexible business you could run from anywhere
  • A carefree and fun online business
  • Will have tens of thousands of readers each month

You did the right things

  • Had a WordPress website built by a professional
  • Chose a professional hosting provider
  • Ensured that ongoing updates would be completed
  • Choose a great name for the blog
  • Had a professional logo created
  • Published a couple of blogs immediately so it wasn’t empty

Still, no comments, no traffic

What about the fame

Make no mistake, blogging is not this carefree lifestyle of throwing a few words at a website. Then for those words, you then are magically getting paid thousands of dollars.

It is not becoming famous overnight and instantly having followers.

Small Business

Like any small business, blogging (if you want to earn money) is hard work. It also takes time; just like any small business, it can take years and years to make money. If you do want to earn money you must treat your blog as a small business. You must be realistic that things may take longer than you expect.

Blogging can be a hard slog when no one is reading what you write, let alone earning you an income.

As any small business that fails knows, it is tough to get people interested in what you have to offer. Millions of bloggers and small businesses close down every day.

So the fame/celebrity that you see other Bloggers, Vloggers, You Tubers etc. have come from hard work. They all work tirelessly to build their audience, market themselves and market their content. Remember they didn’t just start 6 months ago; it was most likely 6 years or even longer.

Why your blog has no traffic – And what you can do about it


  • The content you produce has to be awesome, and it has to be regular.
  • By regular I mean, ideally two or three times a week.
  • Daily should be the ultimate goal especially for a lot of beginners.
  • Plan your posts in advance
  • Have a content calendar
  • Take great photos that relate to your blog (learn from other bloggers)
  • Learning how to these photos yourself is always the best choice
  • Guest blog – getting your content on other people’s sites helps your exposure
  • Know who you are writing for (your ideal follower)


  • Realise that the people you love and follow have probably been in business longer than you think.
  • It takes time, years and years – don’t think that you will know in 6 months if you are going to be a success.
  • Just getting the first comment on something you produce is your first goal.
  • You have to market and share your blog A LOT
  • Don’t forget to engage and be seen online
  • Perfection does not exist – the more you do the better you will get


  • Don’t just share your blog once to Facebook on the day you hit the publish button
  • Twitter you can share multiple times each day
  • Facebook every day, then a month later, then 2 months later etc.
  • There are MANY sites you can share to so choose the ones that your prospective followers are on
  • When your content is evergreen (no expiry date) you can share it regularly
  • Make sure your content is easy to share
  • Learn about SEO or budget to outsource it
  • Everything you do should be about building your audience
  • Don’t be scared to shout about your blog from the rooftops
  • Collaborate by guest blogging
  • Remember that there is room for everyone and you can work with other bloggers who have similar followers


Having a small business is hard work and having a blog that makes money, enough to live off, it going to take both time and effort. Time and effort have to continue, even when you are not making money and this may take years to gain the results you need.

Be consistent and remember why you started, keep growing your knowledge and improving what you do and what you offer. There are plenty of successful people out there that didn’t give up when things became difficult so just make sure you can also be one of those people.

If you need help in any of these areas, creating a business plan, marketing plan, learning about social media or running your business, My Sassy Business can help.

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