Why your AdWords campaign failed.

Google has an option for you to market your business called Adwords.

According to Webopedia AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords.

Google defines it as; AdWords: Definition. Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program. Through AdWords, you can create online ads to reach people exactly when they’re interested in the products and services that you offer. In 2019 Google Adwords has rebranded to Google Ads.

What do you feel about AdWords? Have you used Google Adwords? Did you make any of the mistakes below? Did you realise that it is not that easy?

Remember that this type of marketing can make it incredibly easy to throw away your money very quickly.

TIP: Don’t throw your last marketing dollar or all your marketing dollars at AdWords; it should be part of your overall marketing plan.

Common mistakes

  • Not having a good understanding of Google Analytics
  • Not having a clear goal and defined for the ads
  • Not grouping your keywords correctly
  • Not tracking your goals
  • Not tracking your goals correctly
  • Not bidding on the right keywords and their matches
  • Not using negative keywords
  • Not trusting Google’s numbers over your own creativity
  • Your keywords are broad rather than an exact match in Google
  • Your landing pages are terrible
  • You are not bidding on your own brand
  • Not testing different ads for comparison value
  • Not reviewing your competitor ads in the same space
  • Expecting more from your budget than is reasonable
  • Not realising when you are flushing your money down the AdWords toilet.

Common ways to succeed

  • Research your market for search demand of your products/services
  • Understand Google’s free tools and use them correctly
  • Do you math and know what you can afford to spend if your campaign is a failure
  • Don’t spend more than you can afford
  • Replicate successful ads
  • Spy on the terms your competitors are using and compare them in your research
  • Make sure your ad is compelling for people
  • Make sure your ad attracts the right people
  • Make sure your ad is specific
  • Have an amazing landing page once someone clicks on your ad
  • Make sure your landing page shows your USP (unique selling proposition) so people will be glad they clicked
  • Have an irresistible, valuable and believable offer once people click with a call to action
  • Have a conversion tracking code
  • Know and customise your Google settings rather than just using the default settings
  • Use phrase and exact match key terms rather than broad for better click-through results
  • Continue to optimise your ads, bids and landing pages to generate ongoing success.

Now, this is a large amount of information to digest and you may find that it is all too difficult. This is where I would recommend you find yourself a professional Google Ads manager.