Why you will never succeed at SEO

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

Everything you share online should be optimised for search engines like Google.

You think SEO will never work

False – SEO costs $1000’s and you don’t think you can ever afford that.

Truth – SEO is affordable, you can do it yourself or you can outsource for as little as $350 per month.

False – The competition will always win

Truth – Even the smallest business can rank well in the Google search results when they do the right things.

False – SEO is another language

Truth – This just isn’t the case, anyone can educate themselves on many of the aspects of SEO.

You think Google is overrated

Truth – Google remains the number one search engine used, if you are not optimised for Google then you could be missing out.

You have ignored business directories

  • If you haven’t listed your business within free business directories then this aspect of SEO is an easy one to fix.
  • Google My Business is 100% free and makes your business appear so much better in Google. Plus your clients have leave reviews for your business, which also helps with your SEO results.

You haven’t updated your website for over 2 years

  • You need to have a mobile responsive website. Google will rank your competitors before you if they are mobile responsive.
  • Clients expect a modern, fast and easy to use website
  • User experience is vital for SEO
  • Your website has very little relevant content
  • Adding information or changing your website’s information has never happened.

You have a website and it’s all about you

  • It is vital that your website talks to your clients or customers.
  • All your content needs to be what your ideal clients want to hear and learn about.
  • Your website should not be all about you
  • It should be about the benefits that you deliver to your ideal clients when they do business with you

“I don’t have time to think about SEO”

If this is you then you need to outsource it, but if you say you can’t afford it, then you have time.

In your small business, if you are so busy that you don’t have time, make sure you are actually productive and not just busy. I have met many business owners that tell me how busy they are, and yet they are not making any money.

SEO is a vital aspect of your online potential so ignore it at your own risk. If you are still not convinced, then I have written many more blogs on this topic.

Consider outsourcing your SEO so that you can see the difference of clients finding you.

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