Why you should use Instagram Stories

After only a couple of months since it’s introduction, there are more than 100million people/businesses regularly using Instagram stories. (Numbers from Sprout Social)

It adds value

While your daily posts can be new and exciting, they can also get predictable. Instagram stories give you a way to capture and add immediate value direct to your followers.

You can share so much on Instagram stories that will give your followers a look at new products, behind the scenes and more.

By accepting this new offering early your followers will increase as they are gaining value from your business.

You can tag other Instagram accounts within Stories

It currently has filters, emojis and text that you can add to your stories

There are rumours that Instagram stories will further add fun filters like Snapchat.

It puts the value in one social media

Snapchat also offers this value but it is yet another social media channel for you to manage.

Increased sales

It is well known that consumers are more likely to buy from a business or brand that they follow. This means that seeing a product or service on social media first increases the rate of purchase. It is also that online presence that encourages followers to try something new sooner.

Direct sales through Instagram will be coming so get ready for a new way to buy faster and immediately, as you want it. You can do this through the sponsored posts but it will be coming to the regular posts too.

Interaction is immediate

You can interact with your favourite brands and people and they can interact with you. Remember that business is about building relationships.

As a business, your campaigns are social and looking for interaction from their followers, even if this is a like alone.

Businesses on Instagram

  • Have the contact details easily visible
  • Can see insights clearly about, followers, locations, times, reach and so much more.
  • You can’t track the Instagram Stories yet
  • Paid promotion of the popular posts
  • You can see who’s following you and follow them back


  • If you are already on Instagram you should aim to use Stories to interact with your followers.
  • You should aim to post daily on Instagram as a minimum
  • If you are not on Instagram for your business you should consider using it to expand your online reach to your followers and potential followers.

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