Instagram stories provide the perfect place for you to share videos, announcements and much more. Quite often, I find myself looking at stories rather than looking at the Instagram feed. Have you been doing the same?

Facebook has the same feature, although it is not as popular as Instagram.

Stories add value

While your daily posts can be new and exciting, they can also get predictable. Instagram stories allow you to capture and add immediate value directly to your followers.

  • You can share Instagram stories that will give your followers a look at new products, behind-the-scenes and daily things happening with your business.
  • You can tag other Instagram accounts within stories, add hashtags, and link to your shop or website.
  • There are filters, emojis and text and more that you can add to your stories.
  • Plus, there are loads of stickers to choose from to brighten up every story.

Increased selling potential

It is well known that consumers are likelier to buy from a business or brand they follow.

This means seeing a product or service on social media first increases the purchase rate. That online presence also encourages followers to try something new sooner. Have you seen the businesses you follow asking you to respond to questions or choose a colour that you may prefer?

E-commerce stores that have their products synced to Instagram allow their followers to see how much something is, click through and purchase it all from their mobile devices. Stories can be linked to products as well.

Interaction can be immediate.

You can interact with your favourite brands and people, and they can interact with you in real-time if you are both online.

Remember that business is about building relationships. It is always great when you share a genuine comment on a business or brand, and they take the time to like and reply to your comment.

As a business owner, you should also take the time to get your visibility up across Instagram. Comment on stories, posts and reels to show your business is an active participant on Instagram. Perhaps you should use our outreach service if you don’t have the time to do the work yourself.

Businesses on Instagram

Make sure you:

  • Have your relevant business information in your bio
  • Take the time to look at your insights and see if there are things you can improve.
  • Create a budget to run paid ads and boosted posts
  • Aim to post each day
  • Don’t follow and unfollow or buy followers; it is detrimental to your account.

Do you need help looking after your Instagram or other social media accounts?

Contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business.

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