Why you need to outsource your marketing

Are you doing enough to market your business? 

Are you only marketing your business when you are quiet? 

Depending on the type, size and needs of your business you may decide that you can manage all your marketing in-house. 

If however in-house marketing is not suitable or not working as well as it could, it is time to outsource and get the results you deserve.

In many cases, micro business and small business owners are better off choosing to engage a professional to look after their marketing. 

Keep reading to learn more and then get in touch with Kelly @ My Sassy Business to get started. 

Why you need to outsource your marketing

Why you need to outsource your marketing

Outsourcing your marketing comes with many benefits that cannot be ignored. Here are just a few for you to consider:

Expertise – Marketing professionals live and breathe marketing every day. They are growing their knowledge and expertise constantly. It is this expertise that will make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business. 

Multidimensional – By offering services to many different types of clients, businesses and locations their knowledge become far broader than looking after just one business. It is because of this multidimensional knowledge your business will gain benefits that you otherwise would not receive with in-house marketing.

Business-driven – By your business gaining success a marketing professional is in turn successful.  At My Sassy Business pride is taken to get to know your business. This knowledge allows us to show your business as you would like it to be shown. 

If we look at social media, for example, it should not be obvious that you are outsourcing your management and advertising. It will be conducive to your business and the goals you have for your business.

The flexibility of budget – When your marketing is outsourced you are not concerned with a fixed wage to your in-house person/team. You can budget your spending and adjust that spend as you need to with your marketing professional. 

A new perspective – It is always easier to look at a business from the outside. When you are living, eating and breathing a business you become blind. Taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture is far easier for an outsourced professional. They can provide you with a perspective that you may not have considered when you are within your business. 

Optimised time – One benefit that is often forgotten but is one of the biggest benefits is time. What may take you or your staff member several hours may take an external professional a fraction of that. Your energy can then be put back into doing what you do best within your business. 

Knowing trends – Marketing professionals take time to know what is currently happening. There is no bog down into routine as they can be in-house. Instead, they are constantly changing and looking at the latest trends to keep your marketing current. 

Local knowledge – While it can be tempting to outsource your marketing overseas it is not always wise. There is often, time issues, language issues and they most definitely do not have local knowledge. As an Australian business, you should be choosing a business in this country to look after your marketing. This local knowledge can not be learned elsewhere and comes with an inside perspective that international professionals do not have.

Business growth – By outsourcing your marketing you can now focus on growing the business. You have the time to nurture your leads and focus on sales. As you know, sales are the lifeblood of any business so while marketing is driving the traffic you can focus on conversions. 

Are you ready to outsource your marketing?

At My Sassy Business we try to take the pressure of marketing away from you by offering:

By choosing to outsource your marketing you will be able to use your time in the areas of your business that you know and love.

Are you a micro business or small business that need help with their digital marketing? Contact My Sassy Business today. 

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