Why you need reputation marketing?

Back in 2017, I published a blog on reputation marketing and in 2020 it remains an important part of marketing your business.

Now more than ever people research business and seek to find out if the business provides them with a level of trust. This level of trust can be achieved in many ways and it remains a delicate balance of marketing and promising what you can deliver.

What is reputation marketing – It is the sharing of positive content that relates to your brand.

Reviews are just one part

While reading a businesses reviews can give you a picture of what to expect they are not the be-all and end-all.

It also varies depending on what you are shopping for. If you are looking to buy a product you want to see reviews of the product and reviews of the company that will deliver that product.

If you are shopping for a service you will look at reviews, online presence, blogs, talk to the business and so much more.

  • Professional website
  • Great relevant content within a website
  • A presence across social media
  • A listed address and phone number
  • Good reviews
  • Someone you can speak to about doing business

Do you know what the public perception is of your business?

How do you ensure people understand that you are reliable and honest?


In my previous blog on this topic, I wrote about scammers and over promisers. Over the last few years, this has increased with more people and businesses find themselves on the receiving end of a scam.

Spotting scams can be tricky, here is a great article on the topic – Spotting scams: clues are in the writing

Too often the scammers are the ones who cold call or cold email you directly. They will make you doubt the company that you may be currently using and they will promise you the world. More often then not they will be promising things like ‘We guarantee you will rank on page one’.

The business model of these types of businesses is to gain customers faster than you lose them. There is little concern for their reputation and they tend to have to rebrand regularly due to bad feedback.

Remember – If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

What you can do today

Reputation marketing is a combination of obvious and subtle nuances. Consumers are smart and need to be treated as such. Sharing your reviews is just one aspect of showing your reputation, all the other items mentioned in this blog help to back up the reviews you receive and enhance your reputation.

Review your website – Does it need an update, more content, etc.

Social media – How often are you posting to your social media accounts? Does your social media reflect your brand? Is your bio up to date? Should you refresh your social headers?

When I am curious about a business and I look at their social media I don’t want to see that they have only posted twice in the last 12months.

Contact information – Is it easy for clients and prospective clients to contact you? Only having a contact form can leave people suspicious of your business.

Reviews – Google reviews, social media reviews, LinkedIn recommendations, testimonials on your website and more. Do you regularly ask for these?

How we can help

At My Sassy Business, we look after many aspects of digital marketing for your business.

SEO – Helping to ensure that your business is in the Google search results when your ideal clients are searching online. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and Shopify.

Social Media Management – Ensuring that you have a consistent online presence for your business

Websites – design, management and hosting of your website, offering WordPress, Squarespace and Wix.

Google Ads – Creation and management of your Google ads

Emarketing – Consistent email marketing to your database.

Anything else – just ask.

Contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business to discuss your marketing needs. 

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