Why you need PPC

PPC = Pay per click advertising

It is a digital marketing strategy that we all see many other businesses doing. You know the ads at the top of the Google search results. They look like all the other search results however they have a little ‘Ad’ in the corner. 

Pay-per-click means just that, you pay when your ad is clicked on.

Utilising PPC for your small business you can generate leads, sales, website visitors and more. This makes it a very worthwhile investment for most businesses. Yes, I said most businesses!

PPC is not perfect for every business. Some businesses need a more personal approach and running ads may never get you the right leads for your business. 

Here are the top benefits and why you need PPCDo you need Google Ads

Audience – It is relatively easy to reach a wide audience with PPC. Remember that almost everyone uses Google to look for what they want/need. With PPC you create targets based on the location of your customers. This can be very broad (national/international)  or you can be very specific and nominate one or several post code areas. 

Cost-effective – With full control over your budget you can set a daily amount (eg. $10) that you would like to spend and once you reach that amount your ads stop showing. Google will average this out across the money so that in a 31day month your total will be $310. Some days you may spend $15 and others $5. This is the absolute essence of PPC.

People – Your ads will reach the right people. The targeting that is on offer allows you to have your ads appear in front of the people that are most likely to want what you have on offer. 

Fast – Immediate results can be expected with PPC. Conversions will begin from the 1st day that your ad is showing. Naturally, your results will vary and depending on your budget this can continue to grow. 

Analytics – Google Ads and PPC provide you with wonderful analytics for your ads. You can see the top ads, the click-through rate, the search terms, number of clicks and so much more. 

So what are you waiting for?

My Sassy Business can get your Google Ads campaigns up and running and then look after the management of them. Are you ready to grasp the benefits of a PPC campaign? Contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business today. 

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