Last week I wrote about email subscribers and the things they expect from your business. This week I thought it would be wise to discuss the need for a business email address.

A business email address is one that matches your domain name info@yourbusiness.com.au for example. instead of using a Gmail or Yahoo email.

Benefits of a business email address

  • Using an official email address with your business name is much more difficult for scammers to fake and easier for your recipients to confirm that it is you.
  • Brand awareness as you may have more than one email address or a team of people with the business email address.
  • It is easy to add new employees to your business email giving everyone their own email for communication and control of your company data.
  • When you are Emarketing you can create a generic email for marketing.
Reference: Elegant Themes blog

Email service options

Generally, there are several options these days when it comes to having a business email and it is far easier and a lot more affordable than it ever used to be. Here are some that I am happy to recommend.

Your website hosts cPannel

If you have a website hosted yourself or hosted through your provider they can offer you your very own business email addresses. The set up of these emails can sometimes be a little tricky for a novice but it is doable. If you are self-hosting your hosting company may be able to talk you through it.

G Suite – by Google

This is my personal favourite and the one I have been using for many years. It is the one that I recommend for business to go with when they are unsure and once you are used

You can get this set up with an IT company or if you are savvy you can easily do it yourself. G Suite gives you a cloud-based email system that is accessible anywhere and from any device. You get cloud storage and access to Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Calendar and so much more. It is Google so you know it is reliable.

Microsoft 365

Another one of the main choices 365 is a common preference for people who prefer the Microsoft system of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is the Microsoft version of Googles Gsuite so you also have cloud storage.

You will find that both G Suite and Microsoft are the most reliable and secure options to choose from when you are setting up your business email.

Do you have your business email addresses set up?

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