Why there isn’t just one marketing funnel

Are you trying to have a singular functioning marketing funnel for your small business? This is the idea that you have heard it is what you think you should be doing. However, people today are no longer following a straight path from the awareness of your business through to purchase.

Instead, the path is quite unpredictable as consumers may broaden their considerations and also narrow them along the way. Some consumers will take very few touchpoints and other many many touchpoints before they do business with you or anyone else.

We know that the vast majority of people turn to their devices to gain the immediate answers that they are looking for. When this happens the marketing funnel is slapped by customer intent and the traditional funnel is pushed into a new shape.

What are you doing to resize your marketing funnel?

Customer journey

It is no surprise that we are all different and so too is the way that we search for something we need. Therefore no two customer journeys will be the same, they will always take multiple shapes and lengths to achieve results. The goal is to ensure that your business pops up and answers what your potential clients are looking for. 

Types of customers

  • Researchers – These customers look not only at multiple brands but also as feedback, different options and anything else they need to know in their research.
  • Brand searchers – They may know a brand and head straight to it, see if it ticks all their boxes and buy relatively quickly
  • Search after purchase – These customers may come back to you as they are unhappy with their choice. How will you look after them now?
  • Detail driven – Now they may perform more than 20 searches to decide which way to go. Watch videos, read reviews and so much more.
  • Price only driven – yes these people exist and unless you run a $2 shop you don’t want to be part of a race to the bottom.


  • Consumers expect to have their questions answered and quickly.
  • Remember that people make decisions at the beginning, middle and end of the marketing funnel.
  • Are you exposing your business to create enough touchpoints?
  • Ensure that you are meeting your potential clients’ needs at every step of the journey.
  • Understand your ideal clients’ needs and how they may vary.
  • Make sure your content is relevant and gives a lifetime value.
  • Ensure you are chasing the profitable customer not just the one that wanted a better price or the one that others didn’t want.
  • Respond quickly or have automated responses so people know how to reach you.

Do you need help exposing your business enough to fill your marketing funnels? Are you covering enough areas with your marketing and ensuring that places like your website answer all potential questions?

Contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business, we are looking after our clients right through the entire small business journey to ensure that you are getting your business exposed in enough areas.

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