Where is all the social media engagement 

Are you following accounts that seem to have a lot of engagement and your account has none? Does your lack of social media engagement bother you? 

Depending on your type of business some will always get more engagement than others. Remember that the social media algorithms don’t want you to get too much for free so they limit your exposure as a business.

This, unfortunately, is nothing new but it does not mean that some business owners are put off using social media. By not using social media you are missing a major opportunity to have online exposure for your business and increase your chances of being found by your ideal clients. 

So even if you are a business that does not seem to get much engagement on social media, remember your posts are improving your online searchability and ranking.

Is it time for you to make improvements to your social media?

Social media is like meeting new friends

You don’t want to just talk about yourself constantly as this can be a little boring for anyone you meet. The same goes for social media, people will be more likely to engage when they feel included and not talked at. 

  • Ask questions
  • Share insights
  • Make your content diverse

Be realistic in your expectations – As mentioned above it really depends on your type of business as to the level of engagement that can be expected.

Engagement can be testing

By mixing up the type of content you share you can try to see what may work better for your business. Some of the posts you share will fall flat and others will do well. 

Think about:

  • The time of day you post
  • What you are sharing
  • How does it help your followers
  • Will your followers share your content
  • Does it entice people to comment and engage

It is important that you are always consistent – Daily posts at a minimum. Yes, I have heard your surprise before and you are no doubt shocked by this but if you only post once each week and that post has terrible reach how will you ever been seen. 5 posts with a small reach each still get seen by more eyes than 1 post with a small reach. Those same 5 posts are still indexed in the social media platform and they are indexed by google too.

FACT – More exposure in more places means you have a high chance of being found by your ideal clients.

Which social is the best

Depending on your business type, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn may be the best option for your business. Or a combination of all of them may be essential to gain the exposure you are looking for. 

At My Sassy Business, we are using – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Business page, Linkedin Profile, Twitter & Pinterest

Think about your ideal clients and where they are hanging out online. Prioritise the social platforms that you think will be the most beneficial and maintain your consistency. 

You can tailor your posts to each platform as some like Instagram are more visual without links. Others like Facebook are perfect for links. 

You may need to pay

It is often so much easier to outsource this aspect of your business. Someone else can look at your business through different eyes and think about what your ideal clients would like to see. Even for me, I find it far easier to look after my clients than create my own posts. 

Paid ads – Along with organic posts paid ads work to gain more reach more followers and more engagement for your business. 

So if you are looking for brand awareness and more traffic to your website, social media can help. When your business appears in more places online you have more chances to be found by your ideal clients. 

If you are looking for help with your social media contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business or have a look through some of the services we offer. 

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