What is SEO friendly hosting

You may think that your hosting and the optimisation of your website for search engines are two completely different things. Unfortunately, this is not the case – Choosing a poor hosting service will impact your search engine optimisation results!

Server errors, slow space speed, website uptime, page timeouts all can cause your site’s visitors to go elsewhere. You need a host that supports the hard work you are doing in your business and it ultimately affects your SEO.

I often see posts online from people looking for the cheapest host for their website or taking advantage of free hosting etc. this is not a smart decision.

You need an SEO friendly hosting service that:

  • Has a high uptime guarantee – 99.99% is what you want to see and don’t be fooled by anyone offering you a 100% uptime, there is always going to be some downtime. 99.99% Uptime means that your site could roughly have 1.44 minutes per day of downtime or 8.8 hours over 12months – not bad at all.
  • Gives you a choice of shared hosting, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting
  • Ensures your site is secure with SSL – This has been a ranking factor for years now
  • Ensures that you have backups for your website – If something ever happens you can restore from an older backup.
  • 24/7 support through, phone, live chat and email, this way they know about problems and can fix them before you notice.
  • May or may not offer email – While you can have your email set up through the major of web hosts it is often recommended to keep it separate. For example, My Sassy Business email addresses all run through Google’s Gmail for business.

My Sassy Business can provide you with web hosting that offers all of the above and more for your website. The Digital Marketing side of My Sassy Business will provide you with a full-service solution.

Do you need someone who can look after:

  • Website hosting – From $15 + GST per month
  • LinkedIn Management – From $300 + GST per month
  • Instagram Management – From $400 + GST per month
  • E-Marketing Management – From $150 + GST per month
  • Adwords Management – From $99 + GST per week

Send an email to kelly@mysassybusiness.com for a quote that is specific to your needs

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