What is happening to your content?

So you have decided that you will be writing a blog for your business or perhaps you have outsourced this. Either way, you are going to be producing amazing content on a regular basis.

By regular I mean, each week, fortnight, month or quarter – Pick one and stick to it!

Your content answers the questions that your ideal clients have. It tells an engaging story and you assume that people are reading it.

Assume that people are reading – what does this mean?

People = Ideal Clients

Reading = Where are you distributing your content

Ass-u-me = Makes an ass out of you and me

Getting your content read

Regardless of who is writing your content, if no one is reading it then you are wasting your time, money and valuable website space.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your ideal clients will magically find this content on your website at some point. You need to ensure that your content is circulated to as many of your ideal clients as possible. Thinking well beyond just your website as your only channel is vital.

Ideal clients  – Do you know who they are?

Are you a business that works with other business (B2B) or are you a business that works with customers (B2C). Do you have both business and customers?

Did you know?

  • Business tend to use desktop computers for most content they consume
  • Customers tend to use tablets and phones for most content they consume

How do your ideal clients consume content?

  • What type of content will they enjoy?
  • Do you know their pain points?
  • Are you answering their pain points?

If you are still trying to discover exactly who your ideal clients are – Speak to Kelly @ My Sassy Business!

Where to share

Website – Modern (refreshed within the last two years) and mobile responsive

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

E-Marketing – Grow and use your email list

What is happening to your content

How often to share

  • If your content is evergreen then you have the opportunity to share it several times over.
  • If it is breaking news or time-dependent you can just share away
  • Not everyone will see your blog the first time you post it and they may want to read it again.
  • Utilise the various channels to post and share and report at the times best suited to your ideal clients.
  • Utilise scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite
  • Mix your new content up with older content
  • With any luck, your content will be so wonderful that your reader is also going to share it
  • Don’t forget influencers too – they can help you get your content out

Don’t assume

How often is your content being read? Track the results, it really is easy! Social media gives you graphed results, email marketing software shows the opens, Google Analytics shows your popular website pages…

  • Are you ideal clients reading your content?
  • Which topics seem to be more popular?
  • Which platforms get better results?
  • Is your content affecting the leads you are getting?
  • Does your content have a call to action?

So what is happening to your content and how are you going to get it seen by more people?

If you need some advice or marketing speak to Kelly at My Sassy Business

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