What is emotional marketing

I have written MANY blogs and MANY social media posts talking about knowing exactly who your ideal clients are. Now that you know them well how can you tap into their emotions? How can you use emotion to not only attract an audience but to also encourage them to act?

It is easy to get emotional about a cause or a movement or an injustice but what is emotional marketing for a small business!

Emotional marketing

  • Makes your audience notice
  • Ensures they remember you
  • Entices them to share you
  • Persuades them to buy from you


It taps into emotions to elicit a response

  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Surprise
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Anticipation
  • Anger
  • Disgust

Think about the ads you see on TV just before dinner time? Fast food – Right!

Now think about an ad you dislike – it has created an emotion and you remember it.

Emotional marketing is great for getting noticed.

When you see an advertisement, in a matter of seconds you will have made a judgment about that product or service. If the ad created an emotional response you are more likely to have an impression left behind. That impression is then recalled when your needs require fulfilment.

Heart over head

Emotional marketing helps us choose our heart over our head at the time of decision. Yes, we review prices and learn about the product or service but ultimately it is our emotion that wins. You like the salesperson, you felt comfortable, you felt trust etc.

Out of 1,400 successful advertising campaigns, those with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as those with only rational content.

What is emotional marketingStrategies for emotional marketing

Know your ideal client – What are they going to respond to and what emotion are you going to target to get the response you need. This emotion must align with their pain points, dreams and desires. Remember food advertising and food delivery services just before dinner time!

Colour psychology – The colours you choose for your brand and for the marketing of your brand will also produce an emotion.

What is emotional marketing

Can it be a story – Many advertisers try to create a story for the audience to follow along. How can you create a story for your ideal clients to follow and be involved in?

A community or movement – Is your product or service supporting a worthy cause? Many businesses are creating change with their product or service. Who gives a crap is a great example.

Aspiration – To be fitter, stronger, healthier, wealthier, more knowledgeable etc…

Love – Jewellery businesses, flower sellers, gift businesses

Local – Loving where you live and a passion for buying local

How can you create emotion for your marketing?

It takes time

Remember that just running one ad for a few weeks is not going to create an emotional movement for your business. It can, however, move your ideal clients toward your brand and towards a purchase from your brand. And ultimately you want long term relationships with your customers, the happier they are the more likely you are to have them for life.


  • People buy due to their feelings and not always their thoughts
  • It is important to connect on a human level
  • Marketing is more than a financial commitment
  • Create a style for your business
  • Ensure you embody the culture of your business and define your brand clearly
  • Be a considerate business owner
  • Focus on problem-solving

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