What is AI (artificial intelligence) content writing and how can you use it in your business? 

You may be thinking ‘I’ve seen that I can now get AI to write all my blogs’ – yippee! 

No more sitting and trying to figure out what to write. No more outsourcing to content writers and SEO professionals. I can do it all via artificial intelligence and just hit the publish button.

However, as part of the robots taking over the world, the AI content writing robots may still be working for us for the time being. 

The top AI content platforms can save us some time by providing a starting point that is ready to be humanised.

When it is done well it can ultimately speed up the writing process and make the creation of content a little easier. 

AI content is perfect for 

  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Insights
  • Research
  • Predicting trends and much more

You need to humanise your content

Artificial intelligence is able to automate a lot of things in our everyday life and chances are you are frequently exposed to it without even realising. 

If you decide to use any number of the AI content writing tools available you will notice a couple of things:

  • The sentences can seem robotic
  • It can be repetitive
  • It can be difficult to read

With the online world being filled with content, you want your content to show your business’s personality. If you are just going to cut and paste the AI content you will not stand out and you may annoy your readers/followers. Humanising your content will add context and personalise it for your readers/followers. 

While AI can provide you with a starting point you still need to edit it so that it becomes authentically your article. You need to add your voice to make it uniquely you in a sincere way for your readers. 

People, not computers are reading

While there are computers (Google Bots) who scan your website for ranking purposes, ultimately your content is produced for your readers. 

Have you even come across an article, even an online news article that may have been written by AI? 

AI is still not as perfect as it is often portrayed to be. It still can spit out nonsense and out of context words and remarks.

Using AI content writing is the perfect research tool and at best a 1st draft. 

Are they any good at all

The simple answer is, surprisingly yes.

The Guardian asked GPT3 by Open AI, to write an essay and here is what it come up with.

Well, it is kind of what it came up with, if you read the article and the note at the end you will see that it was created from 8 articles. The AI produced 8 articles and The Guardian took the best parts and did some rearranging to create the article which was published. Overall however they suggested that it took less time to edit than other human-only articles. 

The AI tools

There are naturally MANY AI tools available and many are being created every day. 

There are tools to: 

  • Find topics
  • Generate first drafts
  • Check spelling, grammar, plagiarism
  • Highlight hard to read sentences

Will you be using any of these tools to try to speed up your content creation? 


As with many AI tools they provide us with assistance to do our tasks and jobs easier. In order to make the AI work for us, we need to make sure that it speaks to our clients and this takes humanising. I am sure that one day in the not too distant future this AI will also be humanised as the learning algorithms continue to learn.

Let me know what you think about the technology developments all around us?

For the record, My Sassy Business is not using AI for its blogs or anyone else’s.

Kelly – My Sassy Business

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