What is a landing page

A landing page is any page that users arrive on your website. Your home page, for example, is one, as too is almost every page of your website that is indexable by Google. When someone lands on the home page of your website they then can choose to look further through your website.

However – A professionally created and well-tested landing page can be created and used to specifically drive leads/sales for your business.

It can have a simple lead capture form where someone then receives a free e-book. Or it can be more detailed and more complex. The choice is yours! It is wise to create two with variations to see which one is going to convert more people for your business. 

Using a landing page or pages should be part of your inbound marketing strategy of capturing leads for your business.

What unique ways do you attract people to your business?

So, what is a landing page used for

  • It is focussed on a particular stream of traffic
  • Targeted to specific people
  • It is aimed at conversions
  • May give back via ebooks
  • Can be used for online course enrolments
  • May be used for a free trial
  • Memberships
  • Product sale or special

Why do you need a landing page

When you are marketing something specifically for your business via an email, paid ad or similar that traffic needs to go somewhere. Just driving people to your home page or services page is not always specific enough to convert them. What this means is that you are potentially missing a huge opportunity.

A targeted landing page increases the likelihood of converting the traffic you are driving via social media, advertising or an email campaign.

Advertising and landing pages

You have decided to run an ad for your business – what do you want people to do when they click on that ad?

  • Buy a product
  • Subscribe
  • Download e-book

A landing page is used to prompt the individual to complete the action you have planned when you decided to drive traffic to your business.

What makes a landing page work

Clean, clear and concise information with a limited number of actions to be taken to accept your offer. You want to make it as easy as possible to compel this individual to take action quickly. Keep everything as minimal as you can and ensure the visitor can see what they need without scrolling down.

Choose a button text that is friendly but not boring like ‘submit’

  • Click here
  • Go
  • Download Now
  • Subscribe now
  • Buy now

Example landing page

Uber’s landing page is simple and gives you an option (top right) if you happened upon the page but wanted to ride instead.

What is a landing page

Landing page by Uber.

It shows a happy person that you can relate to and you don’t need to scroll down the page. Simply fill in a few details and hit the button to proceed further – clean, clear and concise, not to mention FAST.

Are you ready to create a landing page as part of your marketing strategy?

If you need help with any or all of these tips – contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business.  

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