Using Hashtags to reach a new audience

Hashtag Definition – a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic.

It is important to realise that hashtag terms are searchable and the way to make them work is to use them wisely.

We will all have seen terrible hashtags like #loveadayoffathomewiththefamily and while this is a bit of fun it is not necessarily going to gain you a new audience.

What will gain you a new audience?

  • Using the most relevant terms for both your business and your ideal clients
  • Using hashtags that are popular
  • Using hashtags that relate to events relevant to your business
  • Try national day hashtags that are relevant to your business #nationalcookieday or #nationalpuppyday
  • Try holiday hashtags for the traditional celebrations #christmasday
  • Using all-year-round terms like #shopsmall
  • Try using location hashtags #sydneyshopping #bluemountainsholiday #northshoresydney
  • Using locations of events or pop-up stores
  • Celebrity names that may be talking about your topic
  • Don’t expect overnight results

Where can you use Hashtags?

These are the three most relevant social media sites that use hashtags to index their posts. By including hashtags that are popular you potentially reach a new audience looking at that topic.

How do you know what Social Media?

  • This is a question people are constantly wondering. It is important not to just use the ones that you love. You must use the ones that your ideal clients love.
  • Start with Facebook – as Facebook remains the number one with the most users, chances are your ideals clients are on Facebook.
  • Next, choose one or two more that you are certain your ideal clients are also using on a regular basis.

How often to post

  • Daily across all your chosen channels is the ideal
  • Twitter is almost unlimited as to the number of posts
  • Instagram 2 to 4 per day
  • Facebook 1 to 3 per day

What time to post

You must post around the times that your ideal clients are likely to be online. Remember that Facebook and Instagram are not always showing all the posts so you may not always be seen.

How many hashtags

  • Facebook use no more than 3 to 5
  • Twitter use no more than 3 to 5
  • Instagram use more than 10


  • You must use high-quality images
  • Your image will be the reason people look at your post as they scroll through their newsfeed
  • Images are to capture attention but also to elicit engagement


  • When you are marketing you must be consistent and you must market your business all year round.
  • Do not stop when you are busy
  • Do not wait until you are quiet to start marketing

Paid posts

Remember that social media sites are also businesses. Naturally, they want you to spend money on their platforms. Facebook has an amazing platform for advertising, allowing you to choose exactly who sees your ad.

So when you are using social media use your hashtags wisely and you will reach a new audience and potentially gain new clients.

Gaining new clients you can now follow your marketing plan to lead them through your marketing funnel.

If you need help with this or your business in general, please be in touch.

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