Using Hashtags on Facebook

Are you currently using Hashtags on Facebook as well as your other social media profiles?

You may be aware that Instagram is built around the use of hashtags to search for everything and anything. However, you may not be aware that so too is every other social platform.

While Facebook may not have been as prominent in the past with Hashtags they now suggesting that your reach may be improved with the use of relevant hashtags.

Since 2013 you have been able to use them on Facebook but it seems that they are now coming into a world of their own. Hopefully, there will be features like Instagram where you can follow specific hashtags too.

#supportsmallbusinessUsing hashtags on facebook

With 2020 seeing a massive increase in the use of social media and Facebook wanting to remain at the top of the usage list they are going to consistently be improving on what they do and what they offer their users.

Facebook owns Instagram and as part of the overall rebranding, Facebook has added some sparkle (new shade of blue) to its search results pages. Have a look for yourself when you are on Facebook next.

Try typing a hashtag into the Facebook search results and see what appears. Remember to use a # at the front of the words. You will see results from people and pages you follow who have used that hashtag. Potentially in the future, Facebook may expand this to match what happens when you search on Instagram and you see others that you do not already follow.

How to

  • Choose hashtags that are relevant
  • Use as many as you like
  • Research and see who else is using hashtags
  • Use locality ones #northernbeaches for example
  • Build a list of hashtags that makes sense to your business
  • Add them to previous posts that have performed well for you

Organic Reach

The reach for small business on Facebook has declined drastically over the years so if using hashtags improves your reach then you can’t afford NOT to use hashtags. If you have not been posting to Facebook now is the time to ramp up and share more about your business, reengage your followers and expand your online reach.

If you need help looking after your social media or getting the exposure you need online – contact Kelly at My Sassy Business.

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