Twelve quick tips regarding Linkedin

Do you have a Linkedin profile? 

When did you last review and update it?

Is there more that you could be doing to build your profile on LinkedIn? 

Here are twelve tips to improve your profile on Linkedin and grow your business.

Profile picture

If you are a business owner, you may be tempted to use your logo. However, this is not what your Linkedin profile is used for. Depending on your business type or industry, you may choose a professional headshot or a more casual look. Either way, this profile picture should be a close up of you. 

Business Page

You can have a dedicated business page on LinkedIn as a business owner. This is where you can highlight your business away from your profile and invite your connections to follow your business page. 

Header image

You will see a background photo at the top of your profile page. Here you can share a little more info about what you do. It may or may not have an image of you; it should relate to what you do and be engaging. 


Don’t use the headline as just your job title. The founder or business owner is very dull and uninspiring by just writing.

Say more about how you see your role and what you can offer. Check out other people on Linkedin for inspiration; what are they writing. 

About summary 

Tell your story in a way that is easy to read when someone goes to your profile. How do you make a difference to the people you work with. What are the benefits of doing business with you, and what is the necessary call to action? 

Remove any overused words.

Remember the quote – you are what you do, not what you say you do. ‘Carl Jung’

So rather than saying you are an experienced expert, how can you show that you are one? Use descriptive words rather than just overused buzzwords. 

Continue to grow

On Linkedin, you should dedicate time regularly to expand your connections. Whenever you meet someone new, reach out via Linkedin and connect. Take the time to connect and grow your community regularly. 

Share your skills

Make time to go through your skills list on Linkedin. Continue to review and update it as things change over time. There may be things there that you once covered and now no longer do. Remember, you don’t need to have 50 skills listed; keep the relevant ones only. 


You can ask people you have worked with for a recommendation, and you can provide others with recommendations too. These are personal testimonials that others can read, and you can share. They are incredibly genuine as the person providing the recommendation is linked to it, and others can go and view their profile for confirmation. 


Linkedin, just like any other social media, allows you to create posts. These posts may have an image, or they may link to an article on your website. You can share videos, white papers and case studies just as you would on other platforms like Facebook. 


On Linkedin, Hashtags have been available since 2013; they were briefly removed and then added back around 2016. The best practice would be to use around three to five and where you can tie them into trending topics and events.

The use of hashtags remains a question about the benefits of using them on Linkedin, and it is nowhere near as beneficial as using them on Instagram.

Connect with others

Take the time to comment on your connection’s posts. This is the social part of social media. You can also share someone’s article with your network if you find it will interest them. When you engage with others, you generally will see more engagement with your posts. 

Now you have twelve quick tips regarding Linkedin, how are you going to improve your Linkedin profile? If you need help, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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