Triggers to boost your sales 

Trigger (verb) – Cause someone to do something. 

As a business owner, you want to trigger people to do business with you. This may be something like subscribing to your blog or purchasing an item/service from you. 

Here is a list of things for you to consider that may help to boost your sales. 


Everyone loves something for free.

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Free Delivery
  • Free gift with purchase
  • A free product trial

These simple triggers can cause people to take action and be a trigger to boost your sales.


Knowing that others are already following creates a sense of not wanting to miss out. If so many others are already following then I need to as well so I don’t miss out on anything. 

Establishing authority can also come with sharing your knowledge via content. Or you may share where you have appeared or been featured elsewhere. 


Your customers and potential customers need to trust you.

Remember that building trust can take time. 

A lot of what you do online, the way you word your website and then how you communicate with your customer’s works to build trust. Newsletters and your email communication add to your ability to build trust. 


As I am sure you are aware reviews can always be read with a grain of salt. However, most people find that reviews are a reliable source when you are curious about a product or service. 

Reviews can be one of the best triggers to boost your sales when you are selling a product. It gives someone looking to buy an insight into a product and if it may suit their needs too. 

If you are using reviews as triggers to boost your sales you need to showcase them in places like:

  • Your website
  • On the relevant products/services
  • Via your social media profiles
  • Email campaigns and more


As people, we all like to feel a sense of fitting in. The trigger to have people feeling that they are part of a community is to state ‘000’s of people use/wear/live better etc. 

A community can also be formed through influencer marketing as an influencer has a community who are loyal to the influencer. Their followers want to buy what they suggest. 

Perhaps you see someone you know or follow with something you know will be perfect for you too. 


Humans all have a natural sense of curiosity. If something piques our interest we at the very least tend to click. 

Please ensure that your curiosity triggers are genuine. Don’t be just trying clickbait to get sales. This will lower the trust that people have for your business. 


Scarcity as a trigger to boost sales has been around for quite some time. Again though you need to be genuine. Don’t just use this ongoing as a tool or you will erode trust. 

  • Limited stock
  • Today only
  • The last time this sold out in 1 hour


A new product launch coming soon can create a huge level of suspense and anticipation. Netflix is great at doing this with the release of new series.

Apple though would have to be the ultimate expert in ensuring their followers need to have the latest and greatest release of every one of their products. Part of the Apple community!

If you are having an upcoming launch the use of suspense can build excitement and trigger sales. 


A good old fashioned sale! It used to be that sales only ever happened at certain times throughout the year. Lately, though it seems that everything is always on sale to some degree. 

$$ off or % off – Have you tested which type of trigger works for your customers? 

How often do you have a sale? Are your customers just waiting till you have a sale before they buy? Do you need to rethink your strategy? 


It goes without saying that great photos sell products. 

You may have noticed that many eCommerce stores are offering a combination of photos and videos for their products. So that people can see how things work or move. 

Smart fashion eCommerce stores are showing their items being worn by various types of people. They are no longer only using the one body type or the one look. 


Does your product or service have a benefit that is derived by defeating a common adversary? For example – saving time and money. 

Canva’s tagline is ‘Empowering the world to design’ – They are making good design accessible to everyone and making it very easy to create simple items. Simple design items are the adversary as unless you were very familiar with design software it was almost impossible to create simple images. 


Who doesn’t love a good story? Storytelling triggers emotions and these emotions are the triggers to boost your sales. 

Creative words and images can activate memories and emotional connections. 

Perhaps you see an artist speaking about the painting they are working on which is at a location you used to travel to as a child. This can create an emotional connection and a follower wishes to have that artwork in their home. 

Good stories also help with your credibility and trust. Your followers experience an emotional connection to you. This is what internet influencers have as they share their life and people feel connected to them.  


While statistics can be a little dull if the figures are true and believable you can build credibility. If you are selling B2B the use of statistics is one that can trigger a sale. 

However, consumers are smart, don’t just makeup figures and hope for the best. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. 


While providing value you also need to ensure that your customers and prospective customers feel valued. 

You may have noticed the trend of personalisation – this helps with building an affinity to your brand. Personalising, customising and making your customers feel like they are loved all make a difference. 

Have you ever received a delivery with a personal note from the person who packed it? It is a lovely feeling of connection and being a valued customer. 


As you may know, colours have been used as triggers to boost sales for a long time. Colours are able to trigger more emotions than words can. Remember that the brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And 90% of the information we transmit to the brain is visual. 

  • Red – passion, love, business
  • Green – wealth, success, growth
  • Blue – knowledge, trust, calm
  • Purple – wisdom, spirituality, imagination
  • Orange – energy, creativity, learning
  • Yellow – optimism, happiness, energy


What are the benefits of what you offer? This is one of the biggest triggers to boost your sales. 

This is not the features of a product as features have no emotional connection. How are you going to solve peoples problems with what you offer? This is the true benefit!


You know the acronym – Keep it simple stupid. Everyone loves easy, fast good results. We don’t tend to lead towards something that is going to be complex or that may burden our minds. 

Your customers are looking for the simplest solution to their problems. Along with a simple way to purchase or to sign up without having to share a kidney. 

Keeping it simple makes all processes fast and pain-free.


How many triggers to boost your sales are you taking advantage of? Ultimately we are not trying to trick anyone into buying we are creating a holistic and seamless experience. 

Which triggers work for you and which ones are going to try? 

If you need help marketing your business, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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