Instagram continues to work on its platform to provide its users with a premium product.

There are now more than 1.393 billion active Instagram users, so these users are yours for the taking and adding to your audience.

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Number 1 tip – post consistently

At least five days each week, you should be posting to Instagram. If you are fortunate to have a large following, you should be posting 10 to 20 times each week.

Ensure your content is of a quality that drives value for your followers.

Consistency is the top Instagram trend for more followers.

Colour, theme or more repeated

Curate your content – Do you have a pattern you follow with your posts? Many of your favourite Instagram accounts will provide you with a feed that has commonality.

  • Black and white
  • Colour blocks
  • Image blocks
  • A hue of all the images
  • Text patterns

Instagram Reels

Reels allow your business to be seen by more than just your followers. Many people will scroll through reels as it is a short video form in a loop that is easy to watch.

  • Share a behind the scenes video.
  • Add keywords and hashtags to your caption
  • Use music or sound that is popular
  • Make it original for the platform

Hashtags #

You must be using Hashtags and as many relevant and popular ones as possible. This is how your audience will find you, and you WILL gain new followers. Do your research and ensure that you are using hashtags relevant to your business, location, and customers.

Your captions matter

You must use key terms relevant to your business within each caption. Captions are working within search beyond just Hashtags. Instagram is a learning machine, so it wants to see your original content alongside your original captions.


MANY businesses can benefit by partnering with influencers.

A good influencer will provide their followers with relevant content, and if your products match that audience, then synergy between the two is possible. Fashion brands are benefitting from this as a tool.

A favourite of mine is Let me try before you buy; Natalie Angle works with brands to try on their items, and she shows you how it fits and how to style them and provides lots of fashion tips.

The benefits she provides back to the brands are well beyond access to her followers. Of course, brands gain followers and sales, but they also see many additional benefits, such as fewer returns. The fewer returns a business has, the less they have to do to sell each item and the more money they ultimately make.

Content to share

Content that people will share or save can boost your followers. Utilising memes and quotes or informative carousel posts are all great ways to inspire people to share or save your content.

What value do you offer?

If people are going to follow your account, what value will you give them?

  • Great images
  • Hot tips
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Lifestyle improvement
  • Products

Ask for content

User-generated content is a fantastic way to create brand awareness. Ask your followers to tag your brand or use your brand’s hashtag. You can see the content and share it yourself on your Instagram page.

Accessibility is important

Ensuring that your content is still accessible for people with hearing or sight impairments is incredibly easy with Instagram.

  • Use text overlay on your videos.
  • Write alt text for your posts.
  • Verbalise any details in your videos

What are you doing to grow your followers on Instagram?

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