The power of Social Media marketing 

Are you using social media to gain better exposure for your small business? 

On average people are spending nearly 2.5 hours each day on social media. 

More than 1 in 3 social media users say they go to social media when they are looking for more information about a brand or product. 

Social Media can help you to:

  • Grow your brand awareness
  • Increase your traffic 
  • Promote your products and services

Brand awareness on social media

Is your business instantly recognisable by its logo or name? 

One thing social media offers is the ability for you to share the visual elements of your brand to make it recognisable. 

While you may not be Nike or McDonalds yet, your brand can be in front of people quickly and easily via social media. 

Remember that consumers buy what they recognise. 

How can your followers engage with your brand – can they tag you in their purchases, send you reviews to share, answer questions you post. 

Tell your story – Will your story help you to relate better to your customers/clients? 

Have you thought about just how cost-effective social media can be? Even if you outsource your social media marketing it is one of the most inexpensive ways to grow your brands’ awareness.

Traffic from social media

Does your social media drive traffic to your website? 

  • Have you looked at your Google Analytics to see how many people come to your website via social media? 
  • Are you posting regularly enough to create traffic? Consistency is key!
  • Do you share things that will elicit a response and get people to visit your website? 

Can you tap into topics that are currently relevant? Does your business provide a benefit to these topics?

Customer service – Can you use social media to provide better customer service? Immediate interaction via social media can often create a positive customer experience which in turn makes people want to tell people about your business. 

90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media

Did you know that your social posts can show up in Google searches? Yes, it is true, the work you do on social media can pay off to further improve your SEO

Who is looking after your website SEO?

Products and services shared on social media

By sharing on social media you are able to illustrate your products and services in the best light possible. 

You can share new content, old content, repurposed content, customer content and more. 

New – This one is easy, new products, services, blogs and more.

Repurposed – Recycle your content, not everyone will see it the first time around and if they do happen to see it again it may be just the reminder they need. 

Customer – User-generated content. Your customer tags you in a post and you reshare it for others to see. 

Sharing reviews and testimonials about your products and services can help others to decide if they are going to do business with you. 

Beyond products and services take the time to share business announcements. 

  • A new staff member
  • New shipping locations
  • A new store locations
  • New stock arrivals

The possibilities are endless with social media.

So how will you be using the power of social media marketing

Taking the time to create consistent posts for your business is recommended so 5 to 7 days each week should be your plan. Any less than this just isn’t enough to be seen.

Choose times when you think your followers are most likely to be online while remembering that your post has the opportunity to be seen at any time of the day or night.

Are you going to outsource your social media marketing? By choosing a professional you have the ability to let them look after everything for you. This leaves you with time to work on your business and the aspects that you love. You can also work collaboratively while outsourcing as you add time-relevant posts or stories like a new stock delivery.

So now that you have an overview of the power of social media marketing, what are you going to do to improve your online exposure?

If you need help with your social media marketing, contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 

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