The E-commerce Article of your dreams

You have planned the products you are going to sell and are excited about the prospect of having an online business. The logo is designed and your website has launched. Friends and family have told you how much they love your idea and may have made some purchases from you already.

Each morning you check your emails and website to see how many sales you have. Hmm, nothing again today! Only 2 sales this week, and they were very small. You’ve spent a lot of money getting set up and you have a lot of stock ready to go.

Where are the customers???

I have said many times that small business is hard and E-commerce is no different. It all comes down finding the people who want what you have and getting your business in front of them.

Create Persona’s

  • Who are your ideal clients
  • What are their interests
  • What are the platforms they use online
  • Do they buy your types of products regularly

Describe every detail that you possibly can about your ideal clients so that you know and understand them. Know them so well that if you see them on the street you can hand them a card or brochure.

Create a plan

  • What marketing are you going to do
  • How much are you going to do yourself and what can you outsource
  • How often are you attending networking events
  • Who are you going to partner with to expose your products to a wider audience
  • Create a schedule of post topics and ideas
  • Ensure you are doing something every day
  • Are you emailing out weekly to your database with new products or specials

Paid Advertising

By having a schedule of paid advertising you are regularly reaching a new audience. You are also reminding your existing audience of your online presence.


This way of marketing can generate wonderful sales for your business. It is vital that their followers also match the people interested in buying your products.

This type of marketing can cost you the products alone or depending on the influencer it can cost a whole lot more. It is vital that you choose wisely and ensure that you get the best exposure for your products.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It goes without saying that SEO is essential and there are many aspects of SEO that all work together to get the exposure you need. There is on-page, off-page, Internet presence, directory presence, content-driven and more. It is vital and it is something you need to work on if you are going to get the exposure you need to get sales.


Many e-commerce businesses are concerned at the damage Amazon will or won’t do to the Australian market. There are many ways you can work with Amazon and know that you will never compete with them.

Do your research and make sure that you keep doing as much as you can to grow your community of followers. Remember that the one thing Amazon has is convenience – what can you do to be more convenient for your customers?


You must have a plan and your plan must be consistent. For example, if you have a blog and you don’t have a regular posting schedule then you are not being consistent. Consistency is the key to all your marketing success, even when you are busy, you must find time to still be consistent.

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