The benefits of blogging for your ideal clients!

In this blog, I want to discuss with your the benefits behind blogging, who you are blogging for, and if you are not blogging, why you need to start. We will also look at the best practice when it comes to writing and publishing your blog and more.

Blog – To write about an event, idea, situation or topic and publish online.

Are you already blogging for your business? Why?

Are you not blogging for your business? Why?

Do you have a business that is just blogging? Why?

The Benefits of Blogging

  • To show yourself as an expert in your field
  • Gain more clients
  • Become a better writer
  • Receive immediate feedback about an idea
  • Learn from your followers
  • Gain more followers
  • Build a network
  • Be a published author
  • Improve your website’s SEO
  • Gain subscribers
  • Sell products or services
  • Express your opinion
  • Build trust with your audience

Who are you blogging for?

This question has the simple answer of “My Ideal Clients”. Do you know exactly who your ideal clients are and the information they are looking for? If you do not know exactly who your ideal is – today is the day to create a very specific persona of your ideal client/s. Even if your business is your blog, you are writing to someone, who is this range of people?

How boring is your blogThis persona creation is for both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) types of businesses. You want to limit yourself to creating no more than three or four personas and this can be used across all forms of marketing that you do for your business.

When you are creating your ideal client personas, below are some items to get you started. It is important to remember that the more detailed you are with your personas the easier it will be to find your customers. If you are struggling to get beyond just a few descriptive areas, schedule a session to take your personas to the next level.

Customer Persona

  • Age range18 Ways to Blog Like a Superstar
  • Location
  • Male or female
  • Married / Unmarried
  • Career and Income

Business Persona

  • Industry type
  • Location
  • Size
  • Contact within the company (hr, marketing, CEO)

Blogging Best Practice

  • Have a regular publishing schedule and stick to it (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Catchy headline with your keywords
  • The image that relates to your blog and your business
  • Write with a common language (easy to read)
  • Show some humour
  • Utilise subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points
  • More than 500 words (800 + is awesome and the occasional 2000 word really makes a difference when it is well written for your SEO)
  • Call or calls to action (buy product or service)
  • Questions to elicit comments
  • Ask to subscribe
  • Internal linking
  • Write content that remains evergreen or remember to regularly update blogs that expire
  • Share to social media more than once
  • Research your topic keywords
  • Have a writing schedule
  • If all else fails – Outsource!

Common Errors in Blogging

  • Too much industry talk
  • The writing is too stiff – you should write like you talk (careful lawyers and accountants this can be tricky for your industry talk)
  • Zero key terms or stuffed full of key terms
  • Not consistently publishing so people don’t know when to expect your next blog
  • Terrible title
  • No subheadings
  • Not enough content
  • Topics that are not clear
  • Overselling
  • Underselling
  • External linking without opening a new page
  • Plagiarism
  • Not sharing and resharing across social media
  • Fear of being imperfect – keeps you frozen in silence
  • Thinking it will be a massive success overnight


So even in an era when we have video, vlogs, podcasts and more to choose from, blogs still work very well to inform and grow your audience. The way that you write is important but you will improve over time, so don’t be worried if you are not perfect from day one. Regular blogging is fantastic for SEO and for drawing people to your website.

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