Doing Social Media the right way

Social Media remains one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Done well, social media can grow your business and your bottom line.

Regardless of your small business type, your ideal clients will be using some form of social media on a regular basis. Why wouldn’t you want to be on a platform highlighting your business in front of your ideal clients? Showing yourself to be an industry expert is the plan so that your ideal clients have only one choice of whom they do business with.

So – How do you do it the right way?

Think about the following

  • Who is your favourite person/business to follow on social media?
  • Why are they your favourite?
  • What do they do differently that makes them stand out?
  • Your ideal clients expect to see you on social media.
  • How can you improve what you are doing on social media?

Doing social media the right way Frank Body

Some simple things

  • You must be posting daily
  • Only be on the social media that your ideal clients are on
  • Aim to brand as many of your images as you can
  • Be as original as you can be with your images and your content
  • Use new social media features like “Instagram Stories”
  • Be consistent
  • Ask a question
  • Engage with your followers
  • Use a call to action
  • Think about what time the majority of your ideal clients would be online and aim to post at that time
  • Use a scheduler to plan your posts in advance
  • Do more of what works
  • Spend money on paid social advertising
  • Respond to comments
  • Respond to messages
  • Participate in business-relevant groups
  • Promote your social media on your website


Here are a couple of Aussie businesses doing social media very well

Michelle Bridges – 12-week body transformation. Has her well established as the industry expert in this area and the vast majority of people know who she is. Her images are inspiring, they show her or something relevant, most are branded and there are free tips to help.

Doing social media the right way Michelle Bridges

Frank Body – The original coffee scrub has expanded into a larger range, available online and with free shipping. Now they have a regular blog with interviews of inspirational people. They have unique hashtags for all their product range. It is with these hashtags Frank Body encourages people to then share their own images using the product and the relevant Hashtag – Very smart!

Doing social media the right way Frank Body


Social Media is here to stay – How are you going to make your mark on social media?

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