Social media marketing vs. content marketing

While these are two different types of marketing, one compliments the other.

Are you doing one or both or neither?

Social media marketing

Ideally, you are sharing and people are engaging with your posts. They are clicking, liking, sharing, commenting, viewing and ultimately keeping your business top of mind.

  • Sharing
  • Clicking to learn more
  • Clicking to buy
  • Commenting on your post
  • Liking what you share
  • Positive and sometimes negative interaction

On social media, your customers/clients can feel a closeness to your business. It is this closeness that leads them to expect a quick response when they message or ask a question. It can be expected to be a direct or immediate interaction. Ignore these messages can be damaging to your business.

Did you know – Having a presence across social media improves your SEO strategy as it is another place online where people can find your business.

Which social media channels are you choosing?

Using hashtags on facebook

Content marketing

Through the creation of:

  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Articles
  • Guides
  • Infographics
  • Images & Video

It is the content that you create to share with your existing audience and your potential audience. It educates, entertains and creates awareness for your business. You aim to be a leader in your field and encourage people to do business with you.

Content marketing allows you to write about your business, your services, your products, your satisfied customers and more. You can then share this content via your social media channels.

This content can be found when people search on Google as you create more pages that will be indexed. This makes content marketing part of your SEO strategy.

The difference – Content is what you share, social media is your interaction with your followers.

The outcome

Both social media and content marketing are essential to building your business. They should be part of your marketing strategy alongside SEO and paid advertising.

Remember that the internet is a busy place, you can not expect that your 1 page or 5-page website is enough to get your business found online.

But Kelly, I hear you say, I am SO busy already just trying to run my business….

Marketing is important, even when you are busy!

It is time to outsource some or all of your marketing so you can focus on doing what you love – Contact My Sassy Business today.

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