Social Media Market Share

  • Do you know how much your share of the market is, within your industry?
  • Are you easily recognisable on Social Media?
  • Do you stand out in a busy marketplace?
  • Have you captured your audience’s attention?
  • Do you know how much you advertise compared to others in your industry?

How to increase your Social Media Market Share?

Be Consistent – On social media, you have to be posting regularly. This varies across the channels that you are choosing to use – for example, posting just once per week to Instagram is not ever going to be enough to grow your share.How to drive Traffic from Social Media

Engage – Social Media is not just for posting your content and ignoring everyone else. You must engage with other accounts and that engagement should be with interest. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a simple thumbs-up is enough. Or that just Liking a whole heap of posts will get that person or company to engage with you.

Something I dislike is found with Instagram, the follow and unfollow trend that happens. Accounts use this as a way to grow their followers with people often following back when they are followed. An account will go and follow a heap of accounts and then go back and unfollow those accounts. The unfollow may be in a day or week but it still happens. Please just follow accounts that interest you and take the time to engage with them. It will make the difference in the long term as your followers like what you do.

Personally, with the My Sassy Business Instagram, I only follow businesses that I am genuinely interested in. These may be landscapers, creators, fashion, food, etc. and I then engage with them by liking and commenting. This is what real engagement looks like.

Respond to every comment you get – Unless it is a spam comment, take the time to reply across all your platforms. Your followers expect you to respond and get very discouraged by your brand when you don’t respond quickly. Within 4 hours is the recommendation.

Respond to messages – If you receive a message, please take the time to respond. Platforms like Facebook allow you to have an autoresponder. Be cautious with messages as I have often not received a notification and a message has sat there longer than it should. The only way to fix this is to check regularly.

Be relevant – The items you post should relate to your industry. Don’t make the mistake by posting things that your followers are not expecting from your type of business. Followers are smart and educated, ensure that you treat them that way.

Use all the available channels

Yes, you are reading this to grow your social media market share but you can improve it even further by using all your marketing channels.

Use SEO to get better exposure on Google

Run a paid advertising campaign so that you have more brand awareness

Use email marketing consistently

Make sure your website is professional and up to date

Look at potential PR opportunities


Above I have discussed engaging on social media, it is vital that you are found to be growing your voice online. Make sure you engage in Facebook Groups with more than just marketing. Answer peoples questions and share your knowledge, people will see you as a resource of relevant information.

Build a community of people who will recommend you. Even though they may be using you, they have seen what you and your business represents and can see a fit. This can be via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or whichever platform you prefer. Just participate!

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