Social Media know-how

How is your Social Media know-how? I don’t just mean what you know but if you outsource it, what do they know?

This may surprise you but social media is not the domain of the youth or the juniors! Or ‘I have my teenager help me with my social media’ or ‘we are just going to hire an intern or a junior to look after our social accounts’. And don’t even get me started with – ‘Oh, we are outsourcing that overseas….’

S T O P – this will hurt your business!social media know how

Please – If you are not doing social media well, don’t do it at all until you can get things right. Don’t just palm it off to the office junior or your son or daughter in high school, chances are they don’t care enough to look after it properly. Pick one platform and do it well and then move onto others. You don’t have to do it yourself you just have to have it done well.

While there are exceptions to every rule you have to find someone who understands your ideal clients and your business.

If you are not managing your social media accounts yourself you need someone who understands your business. An understanding of your business is incredibly important and they also need to understand your ideal clients and how to communicate with them correctly and effectively. Not just using a textbook response but a learned life experience response.

Think of the role as being your community manager and they will be between your business and your customers every day. There needs to be an ability to answer questions, respond and ensure that your customers are treated within the way they deserve to be treated. Plus the content must be a clear match with your business and brand.

So why are you still hiring inexperienced people with very little knowledge?

COST – So many businesses still put very little value on social media. Most people understand they should be using it but they struggle to see the correlation between using it and it generating business for them. So the outcome is choosing a cheap social media manager and this may be the junior or intern – not the best idea really. 

Staying up to date

What about all the constant changes in social media – are you or is your social media manager keeping up with these?

Doing what you did last year on social media may not cut it this year.

What types of posts get interaction?

Return on investment

Here are some key areas you should be getting a return with on Social Media. Remember that people may not necessarily tell you that they found you via Facebook (or other social media) but it is going to be a contributing factor. Perhaps it is your posts that they see each week that leads them to refer your business to someone else. In this case, you got the business from a referral but actually, it all began with your social media and staying visible.

  • Creating awareness of your business
  • Keeping your business top of mind
  • Gaining subscribers
  • Traffic to your website
  • Sales
  • Downloads
  • Engagement, likes  & comments (positive or negative)
  • Visibility
  • Enquiries
  • SEO
  • Shares, reTweets, rePins etc.

I hope that this makes you think about your social media in a different way and if you want to outsource choose a professional. My Sassy Business can offer you social media management that comes with a clear understanding of business and the extensive experience of dealing with ideal clients for all types of businesses.

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