Showing your prices online

So many businesses are afraid of showing and sharing their prices – WHY?

Assuming you have a great pricing strategy you should have no problem sharing it with your audience and anyone else who stops by your website.

By offering transparency in your pricing immediately creates trust and may even make you more money. People know immediately if your business fits within their budget or perceived budget spend and feel more confident with your transparency.

While I understand it may not be simple for all businesses to do this, there are many ways that you can offer pricing.

Trades business can share case studies from projects – Great imagery and a ballpark costing eg. Projects under $50,000, Projects over $100,000 etc.

Perhaps you can share case studies and outcomes based on the amount of time spent.

Package ideas

Create a comparison table of packages that show the inclusions and exclusions based on the chosen package. This should illustrate which one of your ideal clients are best suited to each package.

Explain and showcase your value proposition – This is how your brand, products and or services are going to benefit your ideal clients. You can highlight (make as obvious as possible) what makes your business so much better than the alternatives.

Make sure you highlight the choice that you want people to select. This may be the best value or the most often chosen of your options.

Encourage people to spend more by illustrating what is not included in the lower-priced options.

Consider if a free consultation or free trial will work for your business.

Know that too many choices make it far too difficult to choose and the less likely you are to convert your visitors. 3 but no more than 4 choices it the ideal number, any more and you will hurt your conversions.

Share your social proof with client testimonials and feedback.

Live chat is increasing in popularity so having this on your pricing page can help people to pick even faster as they can have questions answered immediately.

Add more proof by sharing case studies and the results achieved with the spend from your packages.


Many people have no clue what things cost, by sharing and be transparent in your pricing you won’t have people wasting your time who cannot afford you. Done well, showing your prices online can actually make you more money in less time. There is nothing worse than owning a business with a low conversion rate because all you are doing is quoting to the wrong people.

Do you need help with your pricing strategy?

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