Sharing your Unique Small Business Voice

As people, we are all different and so too are our businesses.

Your reasons for choosing your business type are different from others who may have the same business type – so too is your voice.

The reasons that people do business with you are different from the reasons that other people do business with other people – you all will deliver different things.


Think about the way you are perhaps a little Sassy or a little cheeky, geeky or whatever. Chances are that there are plenty of people who are just like you too and would love to do business with you.

Many of you will know why I chose “My Sassy Business” as the business name. If you don’t, it is because small business needs to stand out and be a little cheeky. A little like what we are discussing in this blog post! I also chose the Koi fish as part of my logo to create a talking point, plus because it means “Success in Business”.

What you are in small business you need to take EVERY opportunity to shout it from the rooftops. Remember that you are your own boss and you make up the rules and regulations about that voice.

What if though, you never show just how individual you are, how will your kind of people find you and do business with you?

What is your unique voice, and where is it?

How can you share it?

How can you write it down?

How can your type of people find you?

Are you a male in a female-dominated industry? Hairdressing, Beauty, Homecare etc. How can people benefit from seeing you?

Are you a female in a male-dominated industry? Female tradies have a unique selling point on their gender alone but what about the benefits they can provide.

Perhaps you are unique because by day you are an IT Specialist Business Owner and by night, you are passionate about knitting. Get yourself along to a knitting club, perhaps you will find some clients who also like knitting.

Your small business is a sign-making business and you also have coloured hair and collect tattoos! Does your hairdresser need new signs; do they even know what business you own?

Graphic designers are creative people and are likely to have passions outside their business where they can find their kind of people. Music, art, photography, sport etc. put yourself with your kind of people.

You’ve found your people – now what

  • Keep sharing
  • Showcase your work
  • Use your website and/or social media to share
  • Images, case studies, testimonials etc.

Now more people will see what you can do and have done for others and they will be able to find you and work with you too.

Tell me in the comments what makes you unique.

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