SEO Tips for your Small Business

Search Engine Optimisation – A mythical beast that every business with an online presence needs to master. Or you need to pay someone who has mastered it.

Keep your website up to date

By utilising modern website templates you are more likely to have a mobile responsive website. You are more likely to get rid of anything that could slow down the loading of your pages. You also have a higher chance that people will spend more time on your site as their user experience is improved.

Be Relevant

Create relevant content on a regular basis that is unique and something that your ideal clients want and need to see. It must be engaging, consistent, ideally evergreen, fresh, relevant and helpful to your people.

Help people

By linking your pages to other pages you are helping people. Now you can firstly link to your own stuff but if you know of another resource then link to that too. Let the other person know that you have linked to them and they may just link back or send your article to their database.

Write for your people

Be focused on writing for the people that are your ideal clients. If you are producing content (and you should be) think about your ideal clients and how they are going to engage with you. How are they going to see you as an expert in your field?

Use Google

Have your website hooked up to Google Analytics and view your statistics on a regular basis. Track your success from day one of your website, otherwise, how do you know what is going on.

Meta Data

SEO Tips for your small business

When you search in Google the results show up with Meta descriptions. What do yours look like? If you do nothing Google will just grab any words from your page that it thinks are relevant but you can write these yourself. By creating unique and relevant descriptions people are more likely to click on your business in the search results.


SEO Tips for your small business

These should be clean, tidy and relevant (above) to that page on your website. This is particularly important if you are writing blogs.

You do not want any URL’s that mean nothing or that are filled with useless numbers.

Social Media

Google still will not officially say that they make a difference but the fact remains that they do make a difference. Have you ever done a Google search and seen that Facebook pages are a part of the search results?


All your sites images should be labelled with key terms for the blog they are attached to, the page they are on etc. Google cannot see images or Video. You need to name them, don’t stuff them full of keywords just name them with a relevant search term for your web page.

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