SEO is NOT about ranking higher

It is time to forget everything you thought you knew about SEO.

You need to ignore the emails and phone calls that you get. You know the ones, guaranteeing they can get you to rank on page one! Even if they can get you to rank it will be for keywords that no one is searching for. So ranking is not the number 1 topic to discuss when it comes to SEO.

What is SEO about?

Search Engine optimisation is about your business achieving your goals. By ensuring that you are found online by the right people will mean that your business will ultimately grow.

As with most goals in business, SEO is a long-term goal. It is about increasing your chances of getting found online in the search results by your ideal customers’ long-term.

  • More traffic to your website?
  • More sales through your website?
  • Visitors who stay longer or return to your website?

Now it is all well and good to get found in the search results, but will people click on your business? And when they click on your business, will they choose to interact with your business so you can achieve your goals.

Appearing in the right organic search results is key to achieving your goals. There is little point in appearing in search results that are not relevant to achieving your goals.

Measuring your goals

Regardless of the goals that you have, you should be aiming to measure the achievement of those goals.

More traffic – Through Google Analytics you can see if the traffic was, organic, direct, from social media and more.

More sales – You can set up attributions in Google Analytics for sales on certain pages. Or you can just take note yourself as you are able to see an increase in sales.

People – Return visitors and the length of time that people are on your site is also able to be monitored by Google Analytics. You can see the preferred pages and more.


Remember that every time you change or update something the data also changes so take results over time.

Don’t expect immediate changes, content takes a while to index and grow within the search results.

Make sure you are doing something – the online world is a busy place and it is getting busier every day. You need to be doing the right things online to see a difference.

If you need help with your SEO strategy, contact My Sassy Business.

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