SEO into 2019 and beyond – What you can do!

Welcome to 2019 and another year of small business. Working hard to grow your business and trying to make sure you are doing as much as you can each week. Regardless of your goals for your business, you should always be improving what you are doing. Even if you are not planning on growing your business you can and must do things better than in 2019.

With SEO, you may be working on this yourself or you may be outsourcing. If you are working on it yourself you must be constantly making improvements. SEO is not a set and forget tool for getting found online.

If you are outsourcing you must do any of the other recommended work that you are not outsourcing to your SEO provider. This may include keeping up your social media or blogging for example.

In addition

  • Competition is fierce on Google and it is not slowing!Google is 20 years old
  • Clients/potential clients are wise when it comes to recognising a true quality website.
  • Have you reviewed your content in the last 6months?
  • Is your content still speaking to and reaching the right people?
  • Look at your products and your services and the way that you describe these things.
  • Your products and services MUST be described in a way that stands out from the rest and gives people no choice but to choose you.
  • What is the structure of your site like? Have you added new items without thinking about where things should be?
  • Have you got the right about of internal linking?
  • Mobile responsive websites ARE ranking first and how your website functions as a mobile site are just as important.
  • It doesn’t matter if most or all your traffic comes from desktop computers you need a mobile responsive website.
  • How is the speed of your website? It needs to be fast enough to keep you in front of your competitors. If they speed up their website then you are slower by comparison. Improving loading time can take a lot of work but it may make you faster than your competition.
  • Keep your WordPress website up to date and the plugins up to date for speed and security.
  • No one can claim to know the exact factors that search engines take into account to rank for a certain term. Make sure you never engage the SEO providers that email or contact you over the phone as they tend to be unscrupulous in their trading.

How many points can you say yes too?

You must haveGoogle is 20 years old

  • A technically sound website which offers a user experience which stands out. Is your website lovely to use and can people get the answer to their questions easily? Do you have amazing content which is targeted to your ideal clients who are at the right stage of their buying journey?
  • What is your branding like? Is it easily recognisable with your logo, colours and images?
  • Are your content and website worthy of being in the top search results?
  • Remember that SEO works across social media too and you need to utilise these platforms.
  • Google itself is becoming more of a personal or virtual assistant as we all use it every day for many tasks. Google is working towards being an assistant that is in your pocket. How are you using Google?
  • SEO may be applied in a holistic way to all areas of your business and hiring a professional to help will make a difference.

If you need help – Contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business

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