SEO basics for everyone

Do you think that getting found on Google is important?

Do you know what SEO means?

What is SEO – It is the optimisation of your website so that search engines (Google) can help you get found online.

Simple really!

This doesn’t mean that you are creating a website for search engines, nor does it mean that you are filling your website with keywords.

Google wants to correctly index the websites that are meeting its clients and ultimately your client’s needs. They do this by answering the questions that are posted in the search bar with relevant search results.

It is important to remember that you don’t create a website for yourself, your business – You create a website so that you can express the benefits of what you offer. So many people brag about the awards they have won, the degrees that they have and plaster their website in themselves. No one cares – Your ideal clients want to know what you can do for them and how you answer their questions.

SEO Basics

Headlines – If you are writing articles or blogs, what does the title look like, is it something people are searching for?

Internal Linking – You need to guide people around your website, tell them where to head next.

Keywords – Use a language that your customers are using to describe the problems you solve and the related words. If you solve multiple problems you have related words that can be grouped together. Think about longer phrases and questions to find your services/products.

Regularly add content – Don’t just create a website and leave it sitting there. If you had a shopfront would you leave the same window display there for years on end?

Regularly review content – Does your website still answer the right questions? Have you changed what you offer? Are there errors that you may have missed?

Regularly update both the front and back of your website – Your websites look really only has a 2-year lifespan. Plan for this and regularly have it rebuilt by a professional. The backend of your website must be updated regularly for security. You may feel confident to do this yourself or you may pay for someone to do it for you.

Keywords in other places – So now you have an idea about keywords, here is where you can use them. Your website, social media, documents, emails, newsletters, videos, images, speaking, networking and more.

Remember that if Google can’t find you – how are your ideal clients going to find you?

SEO is not about trying to rank higher for keywords – it is about being found by your ideal clients.

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