Redesigning your website? Don’t forget SEO!

Redesigning your website – This needs be a task that you look at at least every two years without fail. Website design is always improving and if your website is more than 2 years old, chances are it is outdated and needs a redesign. This redesign may be a complete overhaul or it may just be improving a few things.’

SEO – search engine optimisation, ensures that your website is optimised so that search engines like Google and Bing can index your website in the search results. This indexing is based on the terms that you wish to rank for and the solutions you provide for your ideal clients.’

Search Engine Optimisation is for every website

Are you planning a redesign of your website?  Is it going to be amazing with all the bells and whistles and things that your old website didn’t have? Don’t let the excitement of a new website be spoiled because you didn’t know about SEO!

My Sassy Business can help you with both a new website and SEO – Just ask!

It is important to note that SEO and Google Ads are two separate things and they provide two different results. SEO is organic traffic and Google Ads are cost per click traffic. While they can be provided together they should be reported separately so you know what is happening with each type of marketing service. Confusing the two can result in you not understanding the results of your marketing efforts. 

Redesigning your website

  • Now you have picked the company to redesign your website, you are excited and the results are amazing, however, SEO has not even been discussed or thought of.
  • Or perhaps you think it is not necessary as you don’t really understand what it means or you have never had to worry about it in the past. Remember that the internet is always changing and improving, your business and website needs to do the same or it will get left behind. 
  • When you are redesigning your website search engine optimisation (SEO) should influence all areas of your website. The content, the images the user experience and more. It is both on-page and off-page and is a long-term ongoing commitment to getting found online.
  • By utilising the services of an SEO professional your website will appear in the search results for your ideal clients. 
  • Content – Your content should answer the questions that your ideal clients have. The images should relate to your business and the user experience of your website should be easy to navigate and let people find everything they need.
  • Make sure that your redesign includes SSL security, mobile responsiveness, a hosting provider with a 99% uptime. All these things will affect how well your website ranks in the search results.

Don’t forget SEO

  • The exclusion of SEO from your website redesign can see your website vanish from the search results. While it is typical to see a dip in the traffic when you redesign your website it could last a long time without working on SEO.
  • The simple outcome of forgetting SEO is that while your website looks and feels amazing no one will see it in the search results. Is your new sparkling website not receiving the traffic that your old outdated website did?
  • Have you forgotten about SEO with your website redesign? Don’t worry, My Sassy Business can complete SEO work for you to achieve results.
  • Perhaps your designer mentioned it and you were unsure of the meaning or you didn’t think it was important at the time. It’s not too late.
  • If you are you making plans for marketing and know you need to do something about SEO contact My Sassy Business.

Reasons to do SEO with a redesign

Incorporating SEO into the redesign of your website will:

  • Give you a return on your redesign investment sooner
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Ensure the juice from your old website is carried forward
  • Help to ensure you are found in the search results

If you spend $1000 or $10,000 on your website you want to ensure that your redesign is going to maximise the results and not see you vanish from Google. By spending your money wisely you will get the results you deserve. 

Understanding the need for SEO isn’t difficult so you should make sure that you have room in the budget to make it happen. From just $350 + GST per month, it is affordable for all businesses. 


Search Engine Optimisation is vital if you want your website to get found online. Once people are on your website you want to make it easy for them to find everything they need and take action, a redesign can help with this.


Be cautious with any SEO business who cold calls you or emails you promising the world – they are spam businesses and will cause you problems. No professional SEO company will contact you like this. These types of businesses tend to tell you that your business website is missing a whole heap of things and they can fix your website. They also provide guarantees of page one results etc. don’t get caught out. We are all at the mercy of Google and no one can rig the outcome. Trying to rig the outcome can see your website blacklisted from Google altogether. 

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