Reasons why your website is your biggest mistake

Do you sometimes feel your small business dream is being sabotaged?

Are trying everything and yet still not getting to where you want to be?

Perhaps your website is holding you back and sabotaging your small business success without you actually realizing!

Mobile Responsive

This blog is published 24/7/2017 and if you still do not have a mobile responsive site – I guarantee you will have lost business.

For more than 2 years Google has been ranking websites better if they are mobile responsive. This is common knowledge and if you are not on board, get on board TODAY.


One of the easiest things you can do is ensure that your website is maintained. ie: software kept up to date. If you have your website provider do this for you, you will pay a monthly fee. Including in this monthly fee is going to be repairing any issues that arise, should any plugins clash.

If you let your website become outdated and unmaintained you run many risks. These risks include downtime, hacking and more.


Did you design your website back in 2012, or does it lack the look and feel of other sites you visit? Step outside the box that is your business and see what your customers see.

Your ideal clients are savvy and expect a modern and beautiful website. Every 2 years is the standard amount of time before an overhaul is needed. Don’t let your customer goes elsewhere because your competition is better looking.

Video and or Music

While video has increased dramatically and we all should be looking to it in some form – are you doing it right! If you have a video and/or music on your website DO NOT have it start playing automatically.

There is a large number of us who hate the assault of something playing upon arrival. The preferred option is to have the choice to click play when you are ready or interested.

Website Hosting

This is one of the most vital aspects of having a website and it should be a priority. Your website host is not meant to be free or just $20 per year.

If however, you would like a fast secure website with 99.99% uptime, then choose a professional. You want someone who actions things quickly if your website ever does go down.

Domain Address

Is your domain name as simple as it can be? If it isn’t then you could be causing your potential clients issues.

Memorable and easy to spell is what you need.

Your business name and your domain should be the same or very close. When you choose your business name you should look and see that you can have that name across everything you will need. For example, Social Media channels, Domain etc.

Email Address

Your email needs to match your domain, no Gmail or other addresses, please! If your business does not bother you will lack a professional level that people expect. Unless you have a hobby business, make sure to have the matching email along with your domain.

Remember – Your potential clients will judge you in many ways and you don’t want this to be the reason people don’t do business with you.


If you building a new website today it should be in HTTPS with a secure SSL certificate running. Also too, if you have an existing site you should be looking to upgrade. The reason for this is that Google has said it is the preferred option. So, in other words, it is bound to affect your ranking in the future.


As you can see there are many aspects that could be costing you business. All these aspects are an essential part of your success or failure and should never be discounted.

If you need help with any or all of these areas please be in touch. Make sure to subscribe to our weekly blogs delivered straight to your inbox each Monday.

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