Who really uses customer reviews

Reviews – Customer feedback about your product or service or business in general.

Many think that reviews are almost pointless as there is never a bad review shared on anyone’s product or service. However, this is simply not the case at all anymore given the world of the internet.

Pretty much every e-commerce site provides the opportunity to have reviews about their product listed with their product. The reason for this is potential buyers are able to see how successful this product was for other buyers. This is particularly helpful for products sold to solve problems.

The Influencers

  • Many people are looking to have their product or service reviewed by someone who is recognised
  • This review may be on a popular blog, review website or shared by a social media influencer
  • An influencer using your product or service can catapult your business into massive sales
  • In this online world consumers often want to see what their favourite Instagrammer, Blogger, YouTuber or Celebrity has or is using
  • Naturally, we all think, “Oh if they use it, then it must be great”
  • I want to own something that my favourite person owns, uses or recommends

The Problem

  • The tricky thing can be, knowing if that person ACTUALLY uses and likes the product or service. Or are they just getting paid to promote it
  • That said, getting paid to promote isn’t always a bad thing as ultimately it is still the consumer’s decision to buy or not
  • Once you are exposed to that item the choice remains yours to follow blindly or to look for more information
  • Reviews are not always genuine, there are plenty of trolls who are keen to deliver a terrible review and they can’t always be trusted
  • Not every bad review means that a company is terrible or bad – so make sure you aim for a few sources before you decide
  • Likewise, there are people reviewing and talking about certain products just because they are paid and not because there has been a benefit or because they really like or use the product
  • Personally, I know that there are a lot of products and services I may never have come across had they not been shared or mentioned by others
  • It is really just the modern chat over the backyard fence!

The Benefits

  • Getting reviews helps to show that you are delivering a product or service well
  • It is important though to not just have these reviews on your website alone. People know that you are not going to intentionally share a bad review
  • Very specific reviews can give potential buyers an insight into your product or service and help them to see it in their lives
  • Having Google reviews helps tremendously with local SEO
  • Facebook reviews help with your SEO and online reliability as just like Google these reviews have to be submitted by consumers of your product/service
  • Reviews help you to decide on an item and the benefits it may deliver to your needs/wants/desires
  • Reviews are free but the benefits can be worth many $$$

So – when was the last time you asked someone to review your product or service?

How can you get more reviews online? How many reviews do you have? Does it help with your organic reach online?

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Who really uses customer reviews

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