Purchasing habits have changed SEO

Small business is always changing and evolving. This evolution happens regardless of your type of business and you need to evolve or you will be left behind by your competitiors.

2020, of course, has seen a HUGE amount of change and evolution and it has shown that we are all capable of change.

What are you doing to evolve and change your small business?

How have you changed your marketing strategy according to the current climate? Are you doing more marketing, less marketing or different types of marketing? Have you outsourced your marketing so you can focus on your business?

Online shopping

You may have noticed with your own shopping habits that you have purchased more online than ever before.Purchasing habits have changed SEO

There has also been many products that are all of a sudden in very high demand. Personal protective equipment, hand sanitiser, gym equipment, food delivery, alcohol and more.

How are you managing this demand?

  • Out of stock notifications
  • Delivery delays
  • Customer service
  • Common questions
  • Offering virtual services
  • Changing your websites content to match peoples current situations
  • Changing your marketing efforts


Conversely, other products have seen a massive decrease in demand. Luxury items, wedding items, party and event items and more.

How are you managing this decline?

  • What products are still relevant
  • What new products can you add
  • How can you illustrate these products virtually
  • If you offer apparel, have you added ‘loungewear’ – this category has had a sharp increase in search. Is your website optimised for SEO?
  • Change your website’s content and images for NOW and the situation that your potential clients are in. If you are marketing for big events and international holidays you are missing the mark in a massive way.
  • Virtual appointments, virtual try-on, etc
  • Update of your website overall

As purchasing habits have changed SEO what are you doing about it?

Where do your products land and what are you doing about search engine optimisation (SEO) and other marketing opportunities to combat this? Remember that SEO is not a set and forget tool it requires ongoing work to grow and maintain long term results.

Do you need to review everything you are doing in your small business and make the necessary changes to grow and to evolve your business?

If you are looking to outsource some or all of your marketing contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business.

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