Product descriptions will boost your SEO

Are you selling a product online?

This can be easier said than done and search engine optimisation (SEO) is just one of the many things that you need to be thinking about.

You need:

  • a professional mobile responsive website
  • quality images
  • quality video 
  • wonderful descriptions
  • Product reviews and more
  • Advertising
  • SEO
  • Social Media 
  • And more

Remember that if Google is going to rank your product in the organic search results it needs to have text. Your product needs to be more than just a name and an image. 

This blog will show you how important your product descriptions are, how to improve them and boost your SEO today.

Provide key information

Your descriptions should be informative and include information about the benefits of your product. Use short sentences or bullet points to allow people to scan the information easily. Remember that if Google recognises that your descriptions are genuinely helpful it will respond and rank your product pages higher in any search results. 

Simple is best

You do not have to provide an overcomplicated description for every one of your products. Too much information can lead to your website visitors feeling overwhelmed with information. Ensure that your product descriptions have plenty of space for flow of reading.

When your visitors spend more time on your website looking around, this also improves your ranking in Google. Direct your visitors to other products on your website. 

Know your ideal clients

Who wants what you have? Remember you are writing for them not just the Google search algorithm. Knowing who wants what you have will make it that much easier to write your descriptions.

When your ideal clients come to you what do they expect? A casual style of writing or do they expect formal writing? What benefits do they want to see so that they know they need to add to cart immediately?

Product descriptions will boost your SEO

Share multimedia

Show your products with great images and/or video. Make sure to compress images, give them alt descriptions and titles that are searchable. This will then contribute to your SEO as your images are able to be ranked within Google. 

Highlight the benefits

How can your products help your ideal clients? This is more than just listing the features. A feature may the material that something is made from. The benefit is what the use of that material is perfect for your ideal clients. 

EG: Made from XYZ to withstand drops of 2 meters 

Don’t forget the key terms

While key terms and their related terms are an essential part of the content of your website it has to be natural inclusion. Google’s algorithms are smart enough to know when content looks like there has been key term stuffing. 

A call to action

The final but so important item is a call to action (CTA). This may be an add to cart button, buy now, learn more, phone number or contact form. Without an online store, you may have a call to action of ‘call us to buy’ or ‘find a distributor’.


Working on the improvement of your product descriptions is essential. It is something you should be doing regularly and then each time you add a new product it will be easier.

Do you need help with your product descriptions, SEO and Digital Marketing? Contact Kelly @ My Sassy Business. 


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