Newsletters that Work

Do you currently send out newsletters to your database?

Is your newsletter one that works?

If so, how often do you send them?

Do you know why you send them?

Do you know if anyone actually reads them?

If you only take in one aspect of this blog this is the one – Don’t ever call your newsletter by the month and then newsletter ie.”January Newsletter” – boring, ugly and not worth opening!


Title – The title of the newsletter is the first thing that people will be reading. Hopefully they know what month it is and hopefully, they know that this email is likely to have something to do with your company. You need to inspire them with what they don’t know – how smart you are, a special offer, something they need, 10 tips to make money etc. this is where the title is the reason that they open the email in the first place.

Paragraphs – Make sure you layout your newsletter in short easy to read paragraphs. Just a few that talk about what you need to talk about and then direct the reader to buy or go to your website etc.

Images – A great image will say a thousand words, use a great image/s in your newsletter, make them clickable through to your website.

Tasks – What do you want your reader to do? Call you? Buy something? Drive your reader with a call to action – Your title got them to open it, now what can they do!

Which one would you read?

You don’t have to read it to know that the one on the left is very dull and the one on the right inspires you to take action!

Newsletter Before and after

What now?

When you are writing your newsletter content and wondering what yo say each week or month, here are a few ideas.

  • Be informative
  • Lose any sales hype
  • Be brief but aim for a click through to your website
  • Consistency (send weekly, fortnightly or monthly and stick to it
  • Ensure that opting out is easy and available
  • Respond to any replies you get as soon as possible


Think about the newsletters and emails that you currently receive – What makes you open them, read them and ultimately take action. Try these methods and let me know how you go. If you still need some help, contact My Sassy Business.

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