When it comes to marketing, newsletters remain a valuable tool for all businesses. It remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with your existing clients, prospects and old clients. 

Whether you are a retail, wholesale, trade, B2B or B2C, email marketing can work for you. 

Myth busted – You don’t need a massive database to succeed with email marketing. 

Five essential elements 

Your newsletter should: 

Be concise – There is no need to cram everything into one newsletter. If you have a lot of say, then just send more often. 

Tell a story – With a conversational tone, your reader can be drawn into your business and feel the need to be a part of it. 

Keep focus – How can you help your readers? Don’t make it all about you; how can you benefit your readers and make them want to open every newsletter you send them? 

Call to action – It goes without saying that you want people to take action. Make your calls to action clear and concise, or consider using a time-sensitive call to action to encourage people to take immediate action. 

Design can be key – There are plenty of email newsletter services to choose from and to create a well-designed layout for your newsletters. You want it to be on-brand to encourage reads and clicks. 

Six types of newsletter

Having a consistent look and feel to your newsletters ensures that your readers know exactly what to expect every time they see them in their inbox. 

Which type of newsletter is suitable for your business? 

The news in newsletters – Here, you are sending out exclusive coverage that your readers cannot find anywhere else. It is only available to your subscribers. 

Statistics – Charts, graphs and reports about the state of affairs relevant to your business. It is a publication of analysis. 

Curated content – With this type of newsletter, you are curating content that has been in high demand and delivering directly to your subscriber’s inbox. 

Creative and artistic – It is a unique perspective from the creator. It is a newsletter that only exists because of the sender’s content. 

Practical how-to – This newsletter is specific. Buy now to enjoy, subscribe here to get this for free, and come into the store for a ….

Hybrid model – Here, we combine the best and most relevant aspects from above to create a uniquely yours newsletter. However, it remains clear and concise and does not overwhelm the reader. 

How often should you send 

This depends on your ideal clients and your market segment. For many businesses, once per month is the perfect number, and for others, once per week. 

If you are an eCommerce business, ensure an abandoned cart email is set up and ready to trigger. This is a superb way to get the purchaser back on to the purchase. Plus, the success rate increases if you send more than one reminder. 

Are you ready to dust off your newsletter strategy?

There is no time better than today to get started sending newsletters to your database. You can do it yourself, or from just $180 + GST, My Sassy Business can do it for you.

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