Neuroscience in Small Business

Neuroscience definition – any or all of the sciences, such as neurochemistry and experimental psychology, which deal with the structure or function of the nervous system and brain.

Within this blog, I want to look at how you can use behaviour and thought processes to improve your business.


When you think about your business and the appearance of your business in public, what emotions are you trying to evoke?

On your website, have you thought about how your business is being perceived?

With your social media encounters, what conclusions are people coming to when they cross paths with your business?


With any form of marketing, you are trying to convince people to buy what you have. You are trying to get them to spend money on your product or service. Neuromarketing looks at behavioural research to improve marketing outcomes.

Have you thought about your ideal clients this way?

How do your ideal client’s process information that they are given? For example, People can often be convinced to do something after you have done something for them first! People are wired to feel obligated after receiving something.

Ease of readership

This should come as no surprise, but the easier it is to read something, the easier that task is then deemed. So using easy to read font, colours and copy makes your ideal clients find instructions or an offer easier to process and accept. Filling in forms which are easy to read, makes the task less daunting and much faster to do.


If you are sending a parcel or gifting something people will perceive value. If your item is well packaged, wrapped nicely, and presented in a professional way, the perceived value is increased.

For example, You buy a widget $100, it comes delivered in a box – you probably won’t think much. However, if that same widget was wrapped, had a matching ribbon, branded sticker, a postcard with info etc. your perceived value level is likely to be over the dollar amount you spent. Plus you are likely to mention to another person about how nicely your widget was presented upon delivery.

Another example: Fresh flowers, when you buy them and they are shoved into a plastic bag, that’s fine. However, if they are wrapped with beautiful paper and ribbon, your perceived value is bound to increase.

Back to identity

Think of Apple – All their items have an “I” in front of the name, this is to create personalization. The “I” creates a sense of identity/ownership in their marketing.

Understanding how the brains of your ideal clients are likely to work is key to gaining sales in your business. It is far less about the price of your item and far more about how you make your ideal clients feel and emotionally respond to that item.

Let’s think about prices though – are your ideal clients’ price-savvy or are they the type of clients to reject discounts? How will this alter how you market your business?


Knowing your ideal clients is key, then understanding how their brains are going to work is the next part.

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