Mobile Trends you can use

Chances are as you read this blog your mobile phone is close by or you may even be reading this on your mobile. More and more we are all relying on our mobile phones to deliver all our information.

Perhaps your business is developing this technology and without these advancements, you would not be in business.

Are you familiar with these new trends

Artificial Intelligence – Available right now on your mobile device you have this. You may be familiar with Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Location-based technology – Yes you phone regularly tracks your location. It may be all the time if you don’t have it turned off or just when you download a new app. It may be when you search for something or use Uber.

Augmented Reality – Snapchat & Instagram both allow you to filter your face and have puppy dog ears and so much more.

Wearable tech talking to your mobile – smartwatches, Fitbits and more encourage you to use this technology daily.

Mobile Apps – Apple app store and Google Play store have endless apps which are free but also plenty that cost money too. Worldwide gross app revenue last year was $60 billion so yes it is a growing trend.

Your home talking to your mobile – Heating and cooling, alarms, lighting, door locks, refrigeration and more can all be controlled from your mobile.

Small Business Apps – Yes more and more small business are developing apps for their business to ultimately increase their revenue. Also though to improve the customer experience and to stay competitive within their own market.

Mobile payments – Banking Apps, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and so many more allow you to just have your phone and leave the cards at home.

Transportation Apps – Ride sharing like Uber, car & bike sharing, bus schedules, train schedules and more.

BYOD – Bring your own device, now in the workplace many employers are not needing to supply a mobile device plus their employees are more available out of hours.

Biometrics – Voice, face, signature and fingerprint recognition are all readily available on our mobile devices and are creating onto more items.

List of trends from Quicksprout


With the constant evolution of technology, it is not just the personal use that has to grow and change. Small business needs to ensure they are staying up to date with all these trends and seeing where their marketing and day to day business can use them.

Adapting to these technologies will help your business to remain relevant in an ever-changing climate.

How are you adapting to and using new technologies?

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